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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 11

Angie sat adjacent to Tunji while Aremu sat opposite them in the dinning room. They were having pizza with sauce. The room was silent. Tunji was fixated in masticating a slice of pizza. Angie was eating her own slice like it was her first time. Aremu hadn’t taken a bite. He was sipping a glass of juice. “Your dread… Are they real?” Aremu broke the silence. “Yes…” Angie said after gawking briefly at him like she was surprised that he asked her that. “Its beautiful…” He said. She gestured. “My father…” He said and paused to stare at Tunji who was acting uneasy. “He had beautiful dreadlocks like yours,” He continued.”Really? Tunji never told me that,’ She said and faced Tunji. Tunji wanted to say something but he is interrupted by Aremu. “He was a reggae musician.”
“He did lots of reggae songs.”
“Wawo. Whats his pseudonym?”
“You wouldn’t know. He never made it to the spotlight. He died young. I was 2…”
“I am sorry…”

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Tunji cleared his throat. “Enough of the sad tales,” Tunji sarcastically said. “How old was Tunji?” Angie asked, practically ignoring a fidgeting Tunji. “His father is not mine… My father made it through…” Tunji retorted. “Oh. I didn’t know,” Angie said. “Aremu is a reggae musician too. Unfulfiled too,” Tunji sardonistically said. “Wow have you made any cds?” Angie asked enthusiatically. “He’s recycling his father songs,” Tunji retorted again.
Angie is speechless about that revelation but she gave Aremu an approving glance. “Thats nice,” She said. The tension in the room is alleviated by the beep of Tunji’s phone. Tunji picked it. “Hello…” He moved from the dinning room. Aremu face is fixed on Angie’s. He broadened the smile on his face.

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“He doesn’t believe in my dreams.”
“But do you?”
“All my life, i have been constantly told of how undeserving i am.”

“People don’t define us. We define ourselves.”

“We are what we are. We are not even what we represent at times”
“What did i miss?” Tunji asked quizzically and walked in. His face is reddenned. “I will drive you home Angie,” He said in a hoarsed tone.

Tunji halted at the entrance of the building. The car engine gasped. Angie pulled away her seat belt. He pressed his lips towards hers. She pushed him off it gently. He lurched on the driver’s seat as she alighted. “I love you,” He said and alighted. He grabbed her to himself and repeated: “I love you,” “Do you?” She asked in a mild tone. “I will climb hills. Cross oceans. Walk on fire to be with you,” He said like he was reciting a poem. “When do i meet your family?” She asked, her eyes appeared blurred. “You’ve met Aremu,” He retorted. “Your parents…” She said. His face darkened. It seemed like the spark in him immediately died.

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