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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9

As it was my duty, I was in charge of serving and attending to the guests. Devon and I had ordered food from a restaurant and Ellie helped me with serving the guests. Though, she didn’t appear before the guests but she helped me in the kitchen.

Earlier, we both had picked a dress for Devon for the dinner party and she had noticed how sad I was. She assured me that there was no way she was going to make her mother end up with Zack and I took her word for it.

I avoided showing my face all through the night and when the guests were gone, I decided to tell Devon how I felt about her but I didn’t know that not all the guests were gone, Zack had remained behind. And he hadn’t just waited behind, I walked in on him trying to kiss Devon.

I felt my blood boil and I clenched my fists in anger. Not only had I shown my face to the one person I didn’t want to see, but I had also walked in on an embarrassing and annoying moment.

Zack turned an angry face to me but his anger soon melted into surprise when he saw me. I wanted to turn back but it was too late.

“Clay?” He said.

“Hello Zack!” I replied. Devon’s face clouded with surprise. “You two know each other?” She asked. My tongue instantly became tied. I couldn’t think of what to say and even if I knew what to say, I couldn’t make myself say anything.

This was it, the end of everything!

It was Zack that replied. “Actually Dev, I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“Clay is my housemaid, what about you, how do you know him.” I winced in pain at what she just said, but Zack only looked on with surprise and maybe with a ghost of a smile. Clearly, he was prepared to ruin it all for me.

And he did!

“A maid? Clay is not a maid, he is only here to claim I stole his software which he has no proof of and I strongly suggest he’s taken to a mental clinic. But you Devon, how did he find his way into your house?”

Devon looked at me like she had just discovered that I was a ghost and she’d had a dozen babies with me. Betrayal coupled with disappointment.

“Devon please let me….” I tried to explain but she didn’t listen.

“No Clay, just tell me. Are you a maid or not?”

“I’m not a maid. But Dev……..”

“Get the hell out of my house!” She barked

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