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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

Because she wasn’t dating anyone and hadn’t dated anyone for a while, we used to go on play dates. Devon, Ellie and I. We’d eat ice cream together during the day and dance to music at night.

Devon still didn’t know that I wasn’t maid and I couldn’t find the courage to tell her for fear of ruining the beautiful thing we had. But guess what, I had made remarkable progress with my stolen work. I finally ran into Kelvin whose real name turned out to be Zack and he had admitted to stealing my work. And you know what, I had the recording on my phone.

I was waiting for the perfect day to strike!

Life with Devon was sweeter than I imagined and with each passing day that I spent in her house, I became more of a member of her family. Ellie and I became friends and even she knew that I loved Devon.

I had become like the man of the house, every night, I sang Ellie a song to sleep and on some nights, the little horror refused to sleep till both Devon and I sang together. She did it just for the fun of tormenting me, but it was okay.

Ellie loved her daughter so much, bonding with her daughter like I had almost meant the same to her. She was surprised that Ellie and I could be friends because according to her, no one had been able to care for Ellie as much as I did and Ellie in return had never bonded with anyone like she had with me.

Everyday, Ellie taught me new ways to win the heart of her mother and I tried to do everything without seeming stupid. Devon now knew that i was a far better person than a maid and when she asked me why I was a maid, I lied that it was because I liked children and they liked me too.

Things were going that well until one day.

Devon returned from work far earlier than usual and announced to me that we were going to host a little dinner party that night to celebrate the birth of a new partnership with Zack. Yes, the Zack that stole my software!

He had made them believe he was the guy who wrote the revolutionary program for five years and now he was going to become a major partner in their company. So, why not celebrate?

I wasn’t shocked by the news, I had expected something similar to happen since I learned that Zack was selling it to them and Devon was the relations agent. No, I wasn’t shocked but I was annoyed. I guessed that meant I had to act fast. I needed to report to the police.

But, I wasn’t sure what that would do to my relationship with Devon. How would she react to the truth?

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