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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

I blinked. And I blinked again. But what I was seeing didn’t change, it was really Devon. Gorgeous and graceful as always.

My heart skipped beats I didn’t know how many and my jaw dropped. Devon, how possible!

She had just alighted from a cab and was making her way into………. Into the company I had just left! What!

I waited till the road was safe to cross and ran after her. When I got in, she was nowhere to be found. I went straight to the nice receptionist and yelled that I wasn’t taking no for an answer this time. She smiled at me and asked me to see the relations agent upstairs.

She gave me the direction and room floor and after losing and finding my way for the umpteenth time, I found myself standing before the door of the office of the relations agent that spelled the name Devon Summner.

Devon was the relations agent of the company I had complaints with. No, I couldn’t do that.

What was she going to think of me, someone stupid enough to lose a lifetime of painstaking hardwork to a smart thief in a couple of minutes. I panicked, I couldn’t do it. So, I left the building running and when the skinny nice receptionist asked if I had found who I was looking for, I only nodded and fled the building.

I returned to where I had sat at the park opposite the building but this time, for a different purpose. I was going to stalk Devon.

I had lost her once but I wasn’t ready to lose her again.

When evening came, and work for the day had obviously ended, she took a taxi home and I boarded another taxi whose driver I instructed to follow the taxi she was in.

After I saw where she lived and was sure I got the address right, I left for my hotel.

I didn’t know how to get my work back from the Kelvin guy but I knew so well that I wasn’t ready to lose Devon again. And even if I couldn’t get my work back, as long as Devon was in my life, nothing else really mattered.

The next day, instead of heading for the company, I made my way to Devon’s house. I couldn’t sleep all through the night, thinking of how to introduce myself to her, and after watching series of videos online by people who were all saying the different things, I decided to keep it simple.

I’d just introduce myself to her, tell her it was I who saved her that night when she was going to drown in the school canal and profess my undying love to her.

Yeah, I know. How stupid!

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