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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 4


Episode 4

7 years after.

It was on a Tuesday, the Tuesday that was supposed to be the best in my life. I had graduated from college, done my masters in computer engineering and now, I was finally going to sell a software program that had taken me five years to write.

I was meeting with a guy named Kelvin Morgan who claimed to be a co CEO at one of the largest software company outside the country.

We met at a cafe that morning and after series of explaining and haggling, we agreed to a price but Kelvin insisted that I sold the software to him alongside with every other evidence of programming I had on the work. That was like giving away any proof of ownership I had on the software.

I didn’t know what to do so, I decided to call my father. I took a quick excuse from Kelvin and made for the men’s room. I called my father and explained everything to him and he told me not to let go of my work books. I returned to Kelvin and told him I could not meet his terms of agreement. I was terribly downcast but he only smiled and said it was okay. I guess he wouldn’t understand what it meant to me.

I pitched my work to other companies and soon again, companies started to request to buy it.

It was a dream come true for me after losing my first chance with Kelvin. I had thought I wouldn’t make it again but the offer I received from a particular company among the others that had requested for it was so generous, I couldn’t possibly become poor even if I didn’t work again for the rest of my life.

I laughed and danced to the melody of my heart whenever I found myself alone. I had everything anyone could possibly ask for but……, there was this hole in my heart, in my life.

I had everything I wanted but still, it felt like I had nothing. Even after 7 years, the last thing I expected was to be still mad in love with Devon as I was.

Absence they say keeps the heart fonder but mine was a different kind of absence. How can you still be in love with someone you have no clue where in the world they could be or what is going on in their life even after seven good years.

Had it been that person even knew about you, it could have been a bit less pathetic than it was.

I don’t know why but suddenly after the generous offer from that company, I had started to think so much about Devon again.

Why? What was happening?

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