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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Contrary to what I had thought would happen, she was awake but still unconscious. She gasped not in shock, but because she was out of breath and she spat out water. Yes, on to my face, because I was just there looking at her like a dummy. I didn’t take offense at all and infact, I was a bit intrigued. That was the closest I had ever been to her.

She smiled, obviously still unconscious and this time, she blacked out. Or maybe slept off, cause she was breathing like any normal healthy girl who hadn’t fallen into a canal.

Her friends finally caught up with us, but I had backed off a little and they pulled her up. Mumbling a quiet thank you to me, they dragged her home without looking back. Why would they look back anyway.

The next morning, I was on my way to the girls’ hostel with a bouquet of roses in my hands. I whistled happily all along the way cause today, she was finally going to meet me. I asked for directions and found my way to her room. But when I got to the door, I noticed that something was off. Both of her friends from that night were standing outside, leaning against the wall with worried looks on their faces. I asked about Devon but they only told me she was unavailable.

Why was she unavailable, because I could hear her voice coming from inside and she was……

She was pleading with someone. Wait, did she just say “Dad”.

Then it dawned on me, she was leaving school. She was going to be withdrawn. I tried to make my way in but the two girls blocked my way. They told me her dad was a no nonsense man and I had to leave now. They took the flowers from me, promised to give it to her and in pain, I left the hostel.

During midday that day, I watched her leave the school with my flowers in her hands and in company of her friends.

It was the beginning of a very long period for me. My life practically lost it’s colour without her. All the fantasy I had built about her had finally vanished like the mere fantasy that they were.

She left without me even getting the chance to tell her how I felt about her, and even if I had gotten the chance to tell her, I doubted she would have even taken me seriously or anything.

I was the type of guy who didn’t deserve a girl, talk less of the hottest girl on campus. Impossible!

It was a love that was most impossible!

So, I did what any love sick person could do at a time like that, I threw myself into my work.


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