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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

It was on a friday night, a party night and I was riding my bicycle home alone along the edge of the artificial canal at the back of one of the private hostels in the school when I heard the alarming voice of two girls yelling the name “Devon”. Devon? My ears sprung to attention and my body perked up at once. I looked towards the direction of where I had heard the sound and I saw Devon doing the stupidest thing I could ever imagine anyone doing.

She was drunk as skunk and had climbed up on to the balustrade of the short bridge over the canal that connected the school to the outside world. What she thought she was doing, only God knows but her friends were yelling at her to get the hell down and as you can guess, she didn’t.

I was still debating within myself, trying to figure out if she was sober enough to know exactly what she was doing or was so drunk that her senses had totally eluded her and she could not see the danger in what she was doing when her friends suddenly screamed.

Devon was falling into the canal and she was totally drunk. My eyes popped and my jaw dropped. Were girls really that stupid, even if she was a great swimmer, how could she do something that dangerous. She fell into the water with a loud splash and both friends screamed again but this time, it was louder and more terrifying. Then they shouted ” Help, she can’t swim, none of us can!”

“What the…” Adrenaline surged through me and in an instant, I was in the water, swimming towards where she had fallen like a swimmer in an olympic competition. It didn’t take me long to find her where she was flaying frantically, trying to save herself from drowning. I caught her by the waist and swam out of the water.

When I finally l laid her down on the pathway, she was unconscious. Her friends were still in the distant, trying to get to us as fast as they could in their heels which made things really effortless and I didn’t want to leave Devon like that. She needed first aid and the best I could give her was a CPR.

Mouth to mouth!

It should have thrilled me, but it didn’t. Instead, I was scared as hell. I finally managed to put my fear aside and do what was more important, saving Devon’s life. I lowered my face till our faces we’re just a few inches away, hesitated a little and lowered it a bit more when suddenly she woke up.

My heart leapt. That was totally unexpected. I was just centimeters away from what looked like kissing her and she woke.

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