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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 11 [Completed]

Episode 11

The system demaned a security code. He tried to assure the confused audience that everything was okay but I could already see the beads of sweat already forming on his forehead.

Oh yes, I was at the ceremony.

He punched in whatever combination he could come up with but nothing worked. The company’s technicians tried to help out but they couldn’t. The sudden turn of events going on at the podium spiked the interest of reporters and soon, major TV stations were reporting live what was happening that night.

Suddenly Devon grabbed the microphone from Zack and faced the audience. And she spoke without beating about the bush!

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, the reason this software is not working is because Mr Zack Holman here is not the owner of the software as he claimed. He stole it from Clay and tried to sell it to our company.”

The faces of the audience grew numb with shock but the reporters were squealing with joy. Zack tried to deny it and the directors of the company’s event were trying to reason with him but when he couldn’t come up with the right combining of the code, my name was called and I was requested to kindly enter the code if truly the software was mine.

Hundreds of cameras followed me to the podium and when I got there, Zack was still trying to deny it by calling me a thief and claiming I had probably schemed up with Devon to humiliate him this way. I didn’t want to do it, but I wasn’t going to give him any more chance to ruin my life.

So I requested for a speaker and played the recording where he had confessed to stealing my work.

Yeah, he couldn’t shut his mouth. Actually, a lot of people couldn’t.

The company requested for the code but Devon told them that if the code was going to be given to them, I equally had to be given the same amount of money and shares of the company as was promised to Zack plus an additional amount for compensation. The company agreed and I gave them the code.

The five letter code was D-E-V-O-N!

She burst into tears and the software was unlocked. The crowd clapped and cheered and she ran to me. I wanted to apologise but she cut me off with her mouth and a slow deep kiss.

The crowd cheered again but this time, it was like crazy. Ellie hugged us equally.

Zack was handcuffed and carted away by the police and somewhere in the world, my father was wiping away tears of joy.

The end!

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