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Love Impossible – Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 10

I left her house that night without getting a chance to explain what had really happened or saying goodbye to Ellie. But I wasn’t the only one she kicked out of her house that night, Zack too was kicked out but does that help?

Does that salve the pain of a heart wickedly wrenched like mine. To Zack, it was a game but to me, it was my life.

First, he got my work and now he’s going for my girl, hell no Zack, you fucked with the wrong guy!

I might look dumb to everyone because I wore the largest size of pants and didn’t take offense at anything even when I was abused, but one thing was certain, I wasn’t an idiot.

I cried for the first time in a very long time that night and that very night, i decided to hit life back with much force as it had hit me.

The next day at work, I snuck my way into the operating room where the company’s main systems were kept and did the one thing I knew would fuck Zack over and over till he screamed like the bitch that he was. The software, my software that he sold to the company had been installed into the company’s system and it was in that software that I put a security code.

Before anyone could access it, they would have to know the code.

The company was launching the software the next day it would be like the event of the year. And yes, a disgrace of the year!

When I was done with that, I left for Ellie’s school to complete my task. Coincidentally, she was having a school play the next day and I was going to teach her what to act.

When the next day came, the D day for me and Zack, the most important day in my life, Devon went to Ellie’s school for the school play and it was there that she learned the truth about me. The truth about everything!

I had taught Ellie all that had happened between Devon and I right from the first time I met her in college, through the night she fell into the canal and I saved her life, through the day I met Zack and he stole my work, through the first day I appeared at her doorstep, through all the happy moments we had together and finally to the day she sent me out of her house.

The whole audience gave Ellie and her crew a standing ovation but Devon was too busy wiping tears from her eyes to remember to clap for her daughter.

She got the message! And she acted in the grandest way I’m forever thankful for today.

She headed straight with Ellie to the company where the software was launching and made for the podium. She was just in time for Zack’s grand opening about how he had developed an app that would mark the dawn of new era to technology and how it took him painstaking hardwork for five years to finish. He ended the speech and the audience applauded but when he tried to launch the software, he couldn’t.

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