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Love Impossible – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 11]

Love Impossible

Love Impossible

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Story Title: Love Impossible

Category: 18+

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How do you get to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life who is way out of your league and doesn’t even know you exist.

Love Impossible tells the story of a regular guy, Clay and how he finally got the girl he loved, the girl everyone wanted, Devon to love him back and choose to spend the rest of her life with him.

Episode 1

Hi! My name is Clay. I’m 27, I’m the CEO of one of the best computer engineering company in the country and I’m married to the most beautiful girl in the universe. Okay, maybe not in the universe but certainly in my universe.

Devon, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

Being married to a beauty must mean I’m a prince charming too, right? But no, I’m no prince charming and I’ve never been one. Infact, I could have been called the opposite of a prince charming when I first met Devon.

I was practically the opposite of all she was. I first met Devon at the university. Actually, “first saw” is the perfect word here because at that time, I doubt she even knew I existed. Not only was she beautiful, she was also very popular and rich. She kept the coolest friends and went to night parties a lot. She was usually the center of attention wherever she was and I……,

I was that dumb looking kid who did homework for the rich kids who couldn’t, wore the largest pair of cargo pants to school and rode a green bicycle everyday. My best and only friend was my dad and I never went to parties at all.

I wasn’t from a poor family or anything, infact, my father was a major share holder in one of the largest tech companies in the country but I was just like that. She was always the cynosure of all eyes wherever she went and I was that kid who was never noticed wherever I went. Yes, and it’s with a girl like that I fell in love.

Totally way out of my league!

I used to stalk her everyday at school and went to bed smiling every night because of her. I woke up smiling too every morning because I knew I’d see her again and my world was just perfect even though she didn’t even know I existed.

But as they say, “the future’s not ours to see”, who would have imagined that a guy like me would become the husband of a girl like Devon.

Anyone could be in my old shoes right now. You could, your best friend could, a close relative could, anyone in the world could just be facing that too right now and not know how to go about it. So, do you want me to share my story?

I don’t know why those motivational speakers never teach you how to win at love like they do with success and all that.

Winning in love is as equally important as winning in success and you know what………

Okay, I’m rambling, I know. I’m sorry.

Now back to the main story!

It all started 8 years ago. No, not in secondary school, in university.

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