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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6



Camilla entered her room with a tray of food and I drifted away from my thoughts. She was looking very provocative in her clothes. “Hello baby, here is the food I prepared for you,” she said setting the tray on a side stool. She was her usual self once again. That smile which made my heart palpitate often was on her face. There was no song playing nearby but she was dancing. I knew the song was in her heart. “Thank you so much baby. I didn’t know you would take the pain to cook for me,” I thanked her. “Open the plate baby,” she goaded me. Her eyes were bright with excitement. Whatever was in that plate could take my breath away, I guessed.

Slowly I lifted the lid of the plate and my hand got suspended in the air. The aroma of the delicacy in that plate hit my nose and left me salivating as my taste buds came alive. “What is this, baby?” I asked, almost drooling on the food. “That is Beef Goulash and white rice,” she replied. I managed to drop the plate lid and picked the spoon and fork on the tray. I was too hungry to try to show any table manners. So, I dropped the fork and dug the spoon into the food. “Not so fast, baby. You have not thanked God for the food and neither have you taken water. You said you were thirsty, right?” I nodded a ‘yes’. The aroma of the food had left my vocal organs immobile.


She stooped, poured out some water into the cup in my tray and slowly fed it to me. “Drink some water before eating, my love,” she said. I gulped the cup of water and turned my attention back to the food. I had always taken pride in my mother’s cooking, but Camilla was in another class. “Hmmm. This is good food. Where did you learn to make this?” I asked with the food in my mouth. You should have seen Camilla. She was literally glowing. “You like it?” she asked, hardly breathing well. “I love it!” She held her face with both hands. “Come here,” I said, tapping my left hand on my left thigh. Like a child, she hopped on my thigh and put her right hand around me. I tried feeding her, but she nodded a ‘no’ and said, “I want to eat from the one in your mouth.”





I was more than happy to oblige her. I scooped a full spoon into my mouth, munched it a bit and turned my lips toward her. Like baby eagles, she kissed it all away from me. By the time I was done eating, I was sure Camilla was the one for me. “Where have you been all these years I searched for love like a street orphan?” I asked. “That is the same question I have been asking myself since last night,” she replied. “I don’t feel like going home.” “You aren’t going home Dennis. At least not yet. We have to go see your grandpa. If you were in his shoes, I bet he would have gone to see you.” Her words made me feel a bit guilty. She was right. If I was sick, my grandpa would have long visited me, praying by my bedside. “God! How did I forget? I have to go to the hospital now Camilla,” I said rising to me feet. “But I want to go with you baby…call your sisters and find out if they are still at the hospital. I would like to bring them some food.”

I could not believe she said that. Her caring nature was already seizing my heart much more than her beauty had. I rang up Andre my sister, “Hello Andre, Are you all still at the hospital?” “Yes. Where have you been? Grandma has been asking after you,” replied Andre. “I am coming. Have you all had something to eat?” “Just junk. Why did you ask? Do you want to buy us food?” “I want to bring some food…” “Yeah! Kimi! Maria! Dennis is bringing some food!” Andre shouted in excitement. I heard my mother ask in the background, “Did you just say Dennis bringing food to us?” “He will buy it,” replied Maria. My sisters were my first girlfriends and I was their first boyfriend. We were so close that my father feared that there might be more to our closeness. His fear was baseless. We were just close and shared secrets. In fact, there was no secret between us…except that they did not know Camilla slept in my room the previous night.


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