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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5



She was clad in an unusually short jean skirt and a white singlet. Just little of what lay behind her clothes were hidden from me. The smile which regularly enveloped her face was gone. “What are you doing here by this time?!” she yelled at me. “I am sorry baby. Like I told you over the phone, my uncle had so much for me to do at his office today…but…” “Leave my house! Get out now!” she yelled, as tears owed from her eyes.


“What is all this babe? Is there something you are not telling me?” “How do I know you were telling me the truth? How do I know you were not smooching another girl while you told me you were working for your uncle?” “Oh my God. Girl you have issues…” “Yes I have issues Dennis and now you know! What are you going to do about it? Leave me like other men?! Are you going to run like they did?!” She was hurting very badly. Sadly, I could not understand why she would be hurting that bad. Nonetheless, I decided to let the knowledge of what I had read come to the fore.


I took her in my arms and hugged her as firmly as I could and whispered, “I will have to be mad to leave a drop-dead beauty like you for another girl. If you are thinking I will walk away, you are dead wrong. I love you Camilla and I am not going anywhere soon.” At the sound of my words in her ears, her sobs shunted like a locomotive train. She exhaled what seemed like fumes from a volcanic eruption, melted in my hands and whispered, “I am sorry baby for overreacting. My past flashed back after we spoke over the phone and I felt like I was yet again in the same situation I was in a year and some months ago…” She covered her face with both hands in shame and continued, “Please forgive me. My mind played tricks on me. Believe me I thought the lies had begun again…”



I put my index finger on her lips and shut her up. “I wasn’t lying to you, and I promise not to lie to you. I spent my day working at the office. I did not even go down to school like I said I would…” “Really? All the while I was here, I kept imagining you with some girl in school,” she interjected. “I did both my work and my uncle’s work today. He had to leave the office early for the hospital. My grandpa is not getting any better…” “Oh my God!! I have been selfish. How is your grandpa now?” she asked, leading me into her room. I plumped into a comfy sofa in her room and replied, “He is in coma now.” “Christ! Have you gone to see him today?” “No, I had to come see you first.” She knelt down before me and said with a broken voice,


“Dennis, please forgive me. If I showed you anything today about myself, it was pure selfishness. You are sweet. You chose to come see me first instead of your ailing grandpa. I judged you too hard. Please I am very sorry. Forgive me, can you?” I pulled her to her feet and pecked her on the cheek. “Baby, there is nothing to forgive. We are ne… I am famished and very thirsty. Can I get water to drink?” She pulled me to herself and kissed me passionately. When we broke from the kiss, that warmth and smile was back to her face.


“You deserve better than I have treated you today. You will get water, food and much more. I cooked for you,” she said and dashed out of her room. While I was alone in her room, I could not help thinking what would happen if I was to get busier with work and school. We had only begun to date for a day and a few hours and she was acting as though we had known each for a lifetime. I could not see her earlier in the day because of the work I had to do, and for that, she acted the way she did. The more I thought about it the more afraid I became.

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