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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4



My mom was about to go down and look under the bed, when my father dashed into the room with my mom’s phone, “Darling, your mother is on the phone! Your dad had another attack last night!” my father bellowed, giving my mother the phone. My mother sprang to her feet and took the phone from him. “Mama! How is papa?” she asked as she and my dad left my room. I took a sigh of relief and cleaned the beads of sweat on my face. That was a narrow escape. I waited a few minutes after my parents had left and locked my door. I went under the bed to tell Camilla how close my mom had come to finding out she was under the bed, and to my shock, Camilla was not under the bed. “Camilla! Camilla!” I called out. Then one of the old, big boxes under my bed opened a bit and her head popped out. “Jesus! How did you do it?” I asked in utter dismay.


There was not enough space under the bed to open and crawl into the box. So how did she do it? “Should I come out now?” she asked still smiling. “How did you get into the box? I asked again. “I don’t know. I tried to squeeze myself into it and somehow managed to do it.” “I am sorry for all you have been through this morning. I beginning to wish you didn’t spend the night in my room.” “It’s okay Dennis, I don’t regret it. It is part of the story we will tell in the future.”


“Are you comfortable in that box? I think you should come out.” “It feels cool in here. I think I should hide in it just in case your mom decides to come back.” “Okay, stay there. Let me carry on like no one spent the night in my room.” She blew me a kiss and popped her head back into the box. I crawled out from under the bed and went into the bathroom to wash some of my stuffs. Luckily for me my parents drove out that early morning to go check on my grandpa who had issues with his constantly failing health. My sisters did not come out of Kimi’s room until it was full dawn.



In-between that time, I stole Camilla out of the house and promised to see her later in the day. I could not see Camilla at the time I told her I would. I had to report to work first and my uncle had so much for me to do that day. It was a family tradition for all the children in our family to work in my uncle’s company, earn some money and see themselves through university. I was being paid well, but ninety percent of my earnings went into my studies and catering for myself. I managed to escape from work and got back to the street about 4:30 pm. I did not bother going to school that day since I knew there was not much lectures to attend.




Camilla had been missing me, I could tell from the 87 missed calls I got from her. That number does not include the over 20 calls from her which I picked. When I walked into their living room, Camilla’s mother, whom I only knew from a distance before then, whispered to me, “You are in trouble. Big trouble.” Really, my heart sunk into my stomach. “What happened?” I asked, eyes wide. “Camilla has been crying her eyes out since afternoon. I am not sure she has eaten today either.” “Why? What happened to her? Is she sick?” “You are Dennis, are you not?” “I am Dennis ma’am.” “You are her new boyfriend, right?” “Yes, I am.” “She told me you were coming around by 2:pm today. When she did not see you, she became hysterical. She spent hours in the kitchen cooking to welcome you. When you failed to show up, she…you have to understand my daughter is emotional, she has her own devils whom she contends with regularly and has been true much at her age…” “I don’t understand ma’am. I am not just a regular student. I work for my uncle and had so much to do today. That was why I could not keep the appointment. I spoke with her severally while I was at work. I can’t fathom how she could think I deliberately chose not see her as we planned…” “Dennis, I understand, but I am not your girlfriend. Go upstairs, her room is the second on the right. She is the one who needs to hear your explanation.” “Thanks ma’am,” I said and ascended the staircase hurriedly. I rapped on her door and called her name. In a ash her door swung open and she barged out. Her eyes were red and I could tell she had been crying for long.

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