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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3


We were watching Twist of Fate on Zee World television till we slept off,” Andre, the eldest of my sisters said. “Oh my God!!” that was my dad. The moment I heard him shout, I knew Kimi, our youngest sister was at it again. She loved to drive my dad from her room whenever he came shouting at them in her room. At first we didn’t know why she was doing that until she explained it to us.


Whenever my dad would come into her room, which was considered the favourite room by my other sisters, she would begin to mill about her room completely naked. “Tell your daughters that my house is not a fashion runway! They should learn to cover their nakedness in this house and not harass their brother with their fully blossomed bodies!” That was my dad to my mother. With my dad going on and on about my sisters flaunting their nakedness in the house, I felt his attention had been drawn away from me.


So, I crouched on all fours once more and went under the bed to ask Camilla to come out. Camilla was about to stir when my mother sauntered into my room and queried, “What are you doing under the bed, Dennis?!” “Looking for my socks! They have conspired again to abandon each other!” I lied. “I saw some in my room. By the way, how did they find their way to my room?” “Frankly, mommy I don’t have a clue. Are you sure they are not dad’s?” I asked and slowly crept out from under the bed.




I stood before my mother and made sure I left no look on my face to give her the impression I was hiding something under the bed. “No, they are yours. Don’t forget I bought them.” “Thanks, mom, let me go take them.” “Not so fast. Your dad told me he thinks someone was in your room last night. He spoke of a perfume he had not perceived in this house before and he is right. I can perceive it too now that I am here.” “I explained to him my friends brought some perfumes…” “He mentioned you said that! However, I want to warn you. Your dad is hardly wrong about these things; I had lived with him a long time before any of you came out into this world. I know him.

“He is convinced someone was in your room last night. The reason I let you go down to that beach every night is simply that I trust you. However, if you are going to be bringing your friends, I don’t care what gender they are, into this house, then I will send you packing. Of course you are dead if I find out that the person who slept in your room last night was a girl,” she interjected. “Oh God! Why is everyone thinking that I brought in a friend into my room last night? Why is nobody talking about our morning prayer? It is 5:30 am already.”

“Shut up Dennis! I know you, whenever you bring up our morning devotion, you are trying to hide something. Is there something you don’t want me to see under that bed?” she asked moving closer to my bed. I stood frozen on my spot with fear.

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