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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2


I could feel my dad’s eyes, stabbing into me from behind. He was shocked by the ease with which I pulled out the box from under my bed. He had actually been counting that whoever was in my room was hiding there. I looked at him and saw disappointment in his eyes. To drive home my point, I pulled out another box, pretending I was looking for something. “I am sure I heard a voice in your room. A feminine voice. I wasn’t hallucinating, no I wasn’t,” he said to me, the look of anger in his face slowly thawing away. “Dad, I have been here all alone since last night. Perhaps you heard the song I was playing, it is my habit to mimic the voice of whoever I am listening to…” “I know that already! What I heard wasn’t you mimicking anybody,” he cut me short.


As if an idea had occurred to him, he ran to the windows of my room and checked if someone was hanging on the air conditioner pavement outside. Before Camilla went under the bed, I had thought about asking her to go through the window and hang onto the air conditioner pavement. Thank God I did not ask her to do that. With his head hung low for thinking he accused me unfairly, he made for the door. At the door, he paused and observed, “Did you buy a new perfume?” I knew what he was suggesting and so I smartly knocked the bottom off it, “Last night at the beach, my friends came with all sorts of perfumes and we tried them out.” He looked around my room one more time and let himself out. I knew him. He wasn’t gone yet. I was certain he would crouch somewhere and listen to know if I had somehow fooled him. I went down on my knees and whispered to Camilla, “Stay where you are, he is not yet gone.” She nodded her head and remained still under the bed. I picked some of my clothes and went into the bathroom to wash them. On a second thought I came back, pushed my boxes back under the bed, using them to block Camilla.


About five minutes later, I heard footsteps outside my door walking away. I could have bet all my savings it was my dad. There was no longer any way I could let Camilla leave. My dad would be watching every door. I even feared he might ship everybody into my room for morning devotion and a subsequent homily on how to be godly children. I had to crouch back under the bed and told Camilla to be prepared to spend the whole morning under my bed. She didn’t seem worried. She smiled giving me the impression she was loving the adventure. She was unruffled in a manner which left me awed. From my room I could hear my dad shouting at my sisters, “…he is a full grown man! Don’t go to his room and aunt your bodies carelessly because he is your brother! Which of you spent the night in his room?!” “Daddy, as far as I am concerned, we all slept here.

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