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Love Hurts No One – Season 2 [Episode 1 -6]

Love hurts no one

Love hurts no one

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Story Title: Love Hurts No One

Episodes: 6

Category: Love

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Episode 1


The night was not the sort I had feared it would be. Camilla was only interested in my holding her while she slept off peacefully in my hands. I doubt I slept a wink. Each time there was some noise, I raised my head like a serpent, ready to protect itself from intruders. Before the first light of dawn, I woke Camilla and told her it was time for her to leave.



The smile on her face when she woke made me to almost regret telling her to leave. I handed her clothes to her and helped her out of bed. She was sleepy-eyed. I had to help her into her bum shot and cropped top as though she was a little girl being made ready for school. She was beautiful, pretty and pure to look upon. Though I was on the edge, yet I could not help noticing her sublime beauty. “When am I going to see you today,” Camilla asked. “I will be with you by noon. I did not sleep well last night,” I replied. “Why?!” she asked, looking stunned. “I had the best night of my life so far in your arms last night and you said you did not sleep well. What stopped you?” she added, finding it hard to understand why I did not sleep well in the night. I would have loved to tell her I was afraid my parents would find out. I figured it would make me look like a child, so I side-stepped the subject.


“Perhaps, holding a girl as pretty as you in my arms all night got in the way of my sleep. Look how pretty you are even at this time of the day.” She looked away, blushing. I drew a bit closer and left a peck on her face. She melted into my hands and whispered, “I wish, I wasn’t going home this early, baby.” The words had hardly left her lips when I heard my dad’s voice barking with a bang on the door, “Dennis! Who is in there with you?! I thought I had told your sisters not to sleep in your room!! Open this door!!!” My heart sunk into my stomach. How would my dad believe nothing had happened between Camilla and I all night? Camilla looked a bit concerned.



I motioned at her to go under the bed. I had not yet replied my dad a word. Knowing him, I expected he would go hysterical any moment. Being lithe, Camilla had no problems at all sliding herself under the bed. Pretending I had just woken up, I made for the door and confidently unlocked and yanked it open. My phone was in my hand playing a tune. “Which of your sisters spent the night in your room?!” he barked. Mustering all my courage, I looked at him as though he had lost it upstairs. “Have you checked their rooms dad? They spent the night in their rooms.” My dad would have none of that; he shoved me aside and went straight for my bathroom. He was like a sniff dug. When he picked something up, he would never give up until he was satisfied he was wrong about it.



Having seen no one in the bathroom, he began to check if anyone was hiding behind the curtains. I knew the next place he would check was under the bed, so I glided to the bed, dug my hand under it and pulled out one of my boxes under it. I sensed a telepathy between Camilla and I, she knew exactly what I was doing.

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