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Love Hurts No One – Season 1 Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6



I could not hold the thought of letting her off my eyes and she felt the same way. Till 2: 00 am in the morning, we remained entangled in each other’s hand. The only reason we went home was that it became too cold outside. “I wish I could share your bed with you,” Camilla said to me. I felt my heart palpitate several times in a split second. “I am not sure I can breathe without you by my side. My heart will not be able to handle your absence till morning,” she added. I had not done anything that stupid before. I had never brought a girl home to my parents’ house and much less one spending the night with me in my room. There is always a first time. I could not resist Camilla, so I said to her, “My parents will kill me if they find out I brought you into the house and you spent the night with me. However, you are worth the risk.” She kissed me yet again and said with an almost sonorous voice, “Thank you baby.” I led her to my parents’ house and let her in through the back door. There was no fear in her eyes. She acted as though we were alone in some hotel room.


While I was dealing with the foolishness of what I had done, Camilla stripped off her bum short and cropped top and went into the bathroom naked. I died a thousand times out of anxiety. While she had her bath, I found myself whispering, “What if my dad walks into my room now and wants to know who is in the bath?” I sprang to my feet and shut the door of my room. When Camilla came out, she slipped into my bed without her clothes on and asked me to hold her. By now my throat was dry, my head was spinning and my legs could barely carry me. How do I deal with this God? My parents will kill me. I should not have let Camilla into my room, I thought as I joined her in my bed.

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