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Love Hurts No One – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2



Thoughts were zipping through my mind as I worked my eyes like camera zoom lens, gazing from the myriad of sky lanterns in the sky to the moon and stars which hung in the clouds far above them. “These lanterns are like our lives; at the beginning they burn brightly, but how they will burn out and when are mysteries to us,” a girl said, standing next to me. Those were my very thoughts! How did she read them? I turned to see who she was. My jaw dropped and my eyes ravishingly popped out in admiration of the feminine beauty before. I could tell she was aware that I was stabbing into every curve, contour and edge of her body, yet she chose to let me have a fill of her, while she stared into the sky. Her smile was angelic. She seemed to have been carved into the bum short she was wearing. Her cropped top revealed a flat tummy that would have made even Gigi Hadid envious. The feel of her perfume was like the call of the river bed from afar. It left me dazed as it wafted past my nostrils. Being an avid reader of female fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Elle Glamour and Vogue; I found myself wondering which of the perfumes I had read about she might be wearing. Was it La vie est belle by Lancôme? Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel? Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf? I settled it must be Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.


Actually I had not smelt any of those perfumes or handled them; but such was the vanity we lived in back then. When she looked at me, I asked without intending to move my lips, “How did you do that?” She smiled. Her set of teeth were like light in the dark. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “What you said about the sky lanterns, they were my thoughts,” I replied. She ignored me with a smile on her face and sat next to me on the sand, her body brushing against mine. My eyes followed her till her butt kissed the ground. “I am telepathic. Most times I feel people’s thoughts and speak them out without meaning to,” she said finally. “That sounds like another way of saying you are a witch,” I said, trying not to sound sarcastic. I think it came out that way. She turned and looked at me. There was no anger in her eyes. “I am not a witch. I was born this way. I often know what people are thinking even when I am on the phone with them.” Willing to keep the conversation going, I asked, “Can you tell me the thoughts on my mind right now?” “This one is too easy. You are thinking about me, and truly you can’t think straight right now because of me.” I looked her in the eye and did a little of my own mind analysis. I felt I was not far behind her in telepathy. “Why do I get the feeling you are hunting this night? Where is your boyfriend? Wait…you don’t have one, do you?” I asked giggling. She looked down on the ground uncomfortably. “Is it that much glaring that I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment?” “What would you be doing here with a loner like me if you had a boyfriend?

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