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Love Hurts No One – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 6]

Love hurts no one

Love hurts no one

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Story Title: Love Hurts No One

Episodes: 6

Category: Love

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Episode 1


We would stay up late and gaze into the sky, telling tales about the moon and the stars. Our most precious moment in those nights was to light up the night with sky lantern. It was a time to catch up on rumours making rounds in the neighbourhood and a time for boyfriends and girlfriends to share intimate moments with each other.


Some nights, the sound of kisses coming from the small beach flanking a seasonal river by the edge of my street, would become so rhythmical that you would regret coming out at such nights without a girlfriend or boyfriend. After we had lit up the sky with the sky lanterns, we would do what we referred to as ‘light a fire’. It was a sustained period of passionate kissing by all those who had their boyfriends or girlfriends around. Those nights were electrical, magical and passionate. Amazingly, majority of the parents in our neighbourhood did not kick against our hangouts.


There were days some parents would join us to light up the sky. Our neighbourhood was one in which everyone claimed to be rich and acted like it, even though most struggled to make ends meet. We drove cars we were going to spend half a lifetime paying for. People openly lied about what they had not and places they had not been to. It was the norm. Everyone did it and expected others to do it. People would buy used home appliances and then go to big electronic shops to bribe sales girls or boys to help them fabricate receipts to claim the appliances were bought brand new. It was sickening, but back then, it didn’t seem so. It was…a fad! Yes, a fad. With the false receipts, you would fix in any amount you wanted in it and y it in the faces of neighbours.


We were empty, but we never saw ourselves as such. So on the grounds of such vanity, we built our lives and set out to accomplish our dreams. I happened not to be the gregarious type. I had few friends and read much. Intellectual stuffs were my kick. I went out for the frequent night fun so not to be judged as boring and out of fashion. I didn’t really know how life was going to pan out for me, but just like everyone else, I expected it to turn out right. In one of those nights, my life journey began. It was the first night I lit a fire with a girl. Sadly, my re burned for years and just won’t burn out. I had sent my sky lantern into the sky and sat on the ground watching the lantern rise into the sky.

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