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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 8

EPISODE 8 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎🤓✌️🌻

Leo walked back to the house and sat on the floor

“What is wrong?? ” his father asked and looked at his nose

“Why is your nose bl.eeding? ” he asked and Leo glared at him

“This is all because of you ” he said and his father arched his brow

“Dad, because of you, I’m in this mess ” he yelled

Irene stood at the stairs watching the both of them

“What is wrong with Leo? Did he got in a fight with Mj? ” she thought to herself

Leo stood up and was about to go when his father grabbed his hand but he jerked his hand away and his Dad fell

He looked up and saw Irene starring at him, then he walked to his room

Irene walked to his father and helped him stood up

“Are you okay sir? ” she asked and Leo father nod

“Leo must be going through puberty ” he said and Managed to smile


Mj entered the car but he was too heartbroken to drive

He placed his head on the steering wheel of his car and burst into tears

“My manager whom I trusted so much for years , My best friend’s father was the one who killed my mom?? ” he thought to himself as tears rolled down his cheek


Riele walked to Mr Javier, Mj’s father office and sat down on a chair

” I told Mj the truth ” she said and Mj’s father choked

“What?? ”

“But i didn’t tell him his father was behind everything” she said and Mr Javier sighed

“Mj is so slow witted, why doesn’t he suspect you ” she asked and his father smirked

“i Was the one who raised him since his mother’s death, he can’t possibly suspect me ” he can’t possibly suspect me


Irene sat behind the window staring at the sky when Leo entered

“Leo ” she called

“Are you okay? ” she asked and he shook his head

“No, Mj knows everything now ” he said and her eyes widened

“What? ”

“He knows that my father killed his mom ” he said and Irene sighed

“Who in the world told him? ”

“i think it was Riele” he said

“i just thought you should know ” he said and was about to leave

“Leo “Irene called and he looked at her

“I’m sorry” she said and Leo scoffed

“For what? ”

“For breaking your heart, I know how you feel because I have been rejected before too ” she said and Leo clenched his fist

“Stop. Stop apologising to me, I don’t want you to apologise to me anymore ” he said and Irene sighed

“In that case, can you be nice to Mj, i do not want to see any of you getting hurt ” she said and Leo smirked

“I do not want to, I do not want to be nice to him, I do not care if my father was the one who killed his mother, I’m going to hurt him more ” he said and walked out before Irene could say another word

“What should I do? ” Irene thought to herself


Mj walked out of the hospital and was about to enter his car when he saw Leo standing from afar

He ignored him and opened his car when he heard people screaming

“Don’t do it!! ” he looked up and saw Leo standing at the edge of the bridge

“What is he doing? ” he said and ran there

“You are too young to die ,please come down ” People yelled and Leo looked at Mj

“Come down ” Mj said and everyone looked at him

“Oh…. It’s Mj, what is he doing here? ” people murmured herself

Leo’s father ran to the scene panting heavily

“Father!!!! ” Leo yelled drunkenly

He was holding a bottle of alcohol

“Leo, what are you doing? ” his father asked and Mj stared with shock

“Mj, you!!! Why are you always stealing any girl i love from me ” he yelled and people gasped

“We’ve been friends for years now, but you are always stealing things from me, you even stole my father’s love ” he yelled drunkenly

“Father!!!! I want to die so that you can take Mj as your son instead ”

“Leo, come down ” his father said but Mj climbed the bridge and looked at him

“Do you want to die? I’m sorry but I won’t allow you to die until you reveal every single thing you know about my mom’s death and the person who is trying to kill me ” Mj said and glared at him while Leo grinned

“The person who threatened my father to kill your mother was Mr Javier, your biological father ” he said and Mj stared with shock

“What? ”

“I’m not yet done, Irene’s father was accused instead and your father is trying to kill you because of your heart disease ” Leo said he turned and saw Irene among the crowd

It was obvious she heard

Wind suddenly started to blow and Mj pushed Leo to the floor but his leg slipped on the bridge and….

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