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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 7

EPISODE 7 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎🤓✌️🌻

Leo and Irene walked to Mj’s house and he led her to the guest room

“Arrange your things and come out for Dinner ” he said and Irene nod

He turned and wanted to leave

“Will Mj be okay ?” Irene asked and he stopped

“Stop ” he said and looked at her

“Stop thinking about another guy when you are with me ” he said as Irene stared back at him

“Leo ”

“I know, I’m a fool that loves someone who has no interest in me, but what can I do? It isn’t what I want too, no matter how hard i try, I can’t get get you out of my head ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes

“You only care about Mj who has an heart disease, my heart also aches a lot too, was it a crime to fall in love with you ” he said and dashed out of the room

Irene sat on the bed and sighed

“I’m sorry Leo, I’m really sorry ” she thought to herself

She walked out of the room and walked to the dining room where Leo’s mom and dad were already seated

Leo’s mom is a house wife but she barely stays at home

“Wow, who is this pretty young lady? ” she asked as Irene sat on the chair beside Leo who was already eating

“She’s my friend ” Leo said and his mom smiled

“Really? Why is she so pretty, you guys would make a great couple ” she said and Irene choked on the water she was drinking

“Mom, will you stop talking and eat ” Leo said

“Alright, I’m just surprised. You never brought a girl home as your friend ” she added and Leo looked at Irene

He noticed she was feeling uncomfortable

“What do you think about it Honey? ” his mom asked his father and Leo stood up

“Darn it, you won’t let me eat with peace ” he said and walked out of the house

“Wow, that spoilt brat ” his mom grumbled

“You caused it, you kept on talking about couple or whatever ” his father said and followed Leo outside

Mj sat in his room and dialed Irene’s number but she wasn’t picking up

“Wat’s wrong with her, why isn’t she picking up ” he murmured and Ella entered with a cup of coffee

“Thank you ” he said and drank it

“What’s wrong? ” Ella asked

“I’ve been calling Irene but she is not picking up ” he explained and ella nod

“Oh……. I think she is busy ” Ella said and Mj scoffed

“Why would she be busy? She just left and I’m already missing her ” he said and Ella shook her head

“Good for you, you have someone who makes you worried ” she said and Mj looked at her

“What of you? ”

“Me? ” she asked and Mj nod

“you like Leo ” he said and Ella looked away

“I gave up on him ” she said

“What? ”

“i said i gave up on him ” she repeated and walked out of the room

“I think I have to see Irene ” Mj said and took his jacket before walking out

He was on his way when he met Riele

“Long time no see Mj ” Riele grinned

“What is it this time? ”

“I think I have something to say to you ” she said and Mj scoffed

“I think I have nothing to say to you ” he said and was about to go

“It’s about your mom’s death ” she said and Mj stopped


Leo sat outside a store after buying something to eat

He was about to leave when he saw Mj coming

“What is he doing here? ” he asked and mj moved closer to him

“What are you doing……. ” he didn’t complete his statement before Mj punched him in the face and his nose started to bleed

“What are you doing right now? ” Leo yelled and Mj glared at him

“You……….” Mj called and glared at him angrily

“Hey Max, do you have something to say? ” Leo asked and Mj punched him again, this time, he fell

“The one who killed My mother was………. Your father?? ” he said and Leo’s eyes widened with shock

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