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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 6

EPISODE 6 💃💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓😎✌️🌻

Irene and Mj walked to a restaurant holding each others hand

They had gone to several places to have their date and the last place they would be visiting was the restaurant

“I had so much fun today all thanks to you” Irene said smiling

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” Mj asked and Irene looked at him

“Where? ”

“You will know when we are there ”

“Alright but can that be tomorrow, I have to meet Zoey in an hour ” Irene said and Mj nod

“okay ”

“Oh…what was the hospital result? ” she asked and Mj looked away

“Oh……..the hospital result? I couldn’t go to the hospital ” he lied

“Really? Then where were you all day?? ”

“That’s……… I was at the location, I had to shoot a drama ” he lied again and Irene arched her brow

“Location? I thought you finished shooting the drama a week ago” she said and shrugged

“That’s right, I was the with the CEO of my entertainment industry, he had something to say ” Mj said, scratching the back of his head

“Are you lying right now? ” Irene said

“N…. No ”

“It’s so obvious you are lying, where in the world were you ” Irene asked again but he wasn’t answering

He wasn’t looking at her either

“Are you keeping something from me?” she asked with a serious look but he didn’t reply then she stood up

“Forget it…… I’m going to Zoey, see you later ” she said and walked out

One would know she was upset

Mj sighed and ran his finger through his hair

“I’m sorry Irene ” he thought to himself


Leo came out of the bathroom in his room with a towel wrapped around his waist

He sat of the mirror, drying his hair when his phone beeped

‘Come out ‘ that was a text from Mj

He scoffed and threw the phone on the bed

“Is he crazy?” he said and continued what he was doing

His phone beeped again

‘Come out, I have a favour to ask from you’

He sighed and put on his clothes before walking out

Mj leaned on the car staring at the sky when he saw Leo coming

“What do you want? ” Leo asked with his arms folded

“I’m glad you came out ”

“What do you have to say? Hurry up and make it quick and simple ” he said and Mj smiled

“Can you keep Irene save for me? ” he asked and Leo scoffed

“Are you crazy? Is Irene a property? ” he said and Mj sighed

“I’m not asking you, I’m begging you to do it for me, is it too much for a favour? ” he said and Leo smirked

“Not bad, but why are you suddenly asking for such favour ?” Leo asked and Mj’s chest started to ask as he held his chest and winced in pain

“Hey, are you okay? ” Leo asked then he paused for a minute and gasped

“Don’t tell me you…………are going to die? ” He asked and Mj stood upright

“Now that you know, you can do that right? ”

“Of course, after your death i can have Irene ” Leo said and grinned

“She’s not a property ” Mj said and glared at Leo

“Are you done? I will come for Irene later, see ya ” Leo said and walked back inside

“That ba$tard, has he been waiting for me to die?? ” Mj murmured to himself

Irene walked back home and saw Leo standing outside with her luggage

“Hey………. ” She called and Leo smiled

“You are here ”

“Yeah……. But what are you doing with my things ” she asked and Leo grabbed her hand

“Let’s go ” he said and Irene jerked her hands away

“What do you mean?”

“Go ” Mj said as he opened the door

“What? ”

“Go with Leo, I’m okay, you will only be with him for a few days, I will come back for you later ” he said and Irene scoffed

“You’ve been acting really weird, what in the world is wrong with you? ” Irene asked

“I have some things to do, I promise to come back for you ” he said and Irene shook her head

“Then let’s do it together, I don’t want to leave you ” Irene said as tears gathered in her eyes

Leo just stared at her with a broken heart

“She is crying because of another guy in front of me ” He thought to himself

” I will really come for you ” Mj said and Leo held her hand

“Let’s go ” he said and dragged her with him

” I will wait ” Irene said and Mj smiled

He was about to go back inside when his phone rang, it was his doctor

“Why are you calling at this time ” he asked

“Mj, I have a good news, there is an operation that can stop your disease ” the doctor said on the other side and Mj’s eyes widened

“Really???? ”

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