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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 5

EPISODE 5 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎🤓✌️

Irene walked to the school library and took a book

She was about to sit when she saw Ella, sitting at the first table

She walked up to her and sat in front of her

“What are you doing here? ” Ella said, her gaze was fixed on the book she was reading

“You’ve been avoiding me ” Irene said and Ella scoffed

“You need to be avoided ” she said and stood up

“I’m leaving ” she walked out of the library while Irene followed her

“Ella ” she called and stood in front of her

“Out of my way ” Ella glared at her

“Really? Why are you all acting weird and strange? ” Irene said

” I was rejected by Leo ” Ella said and looked at Irene

“What? ”

“Leo said he likes you, so I was rejected ” Ella said and scoffed

“You are not even beautiful than i am, so why does he like you? ” Ella added

“That’s a question you should be asking Leo not me” Irene said and walked away while Ella clenched her fist


Riele walked to Mj’s dad office

“What is it you wanted to say? ” She asked and sat down

“I’m getting married ” Mj dad said and Riele scoffed

“You have no conscience, You are planning to get married after killing your wife ” She said

“You said that like it’s a big deal “his father said and smirked

“How do you think Mj will feel if he finds out that his father whom he trusts so much is trying to kill him ” Riele said and Mj’s dad stood up, walking around the office

“Mj was born with heart disease, he will soon die anyway but I don’t want him to die of that disease ” He said

“So? ” Riele asked

“I told Leo’s dad to kill him but he is hesitating” he said and moved closer to Riele

“You should carry out the task together with Leo’s father ” he said and Riele smirked

“You’ve lost your mind, do i look like a murderer”

“Your mother is in a critical condition at the hospital , if you fail to do it………. You know what I mean right? ” he said and Riele scoffed again

“You are really good at threatening people, You are trying to kill your own son ” she said and glared at him

“Mj shouldn’t have been born, he is even richer than his own father ” he said and Riele sighed with frustration

“Don’t tell me you want to kill him so you can have all his money ” Riele asked and he smiled

“Poor Mj, he doesn’t know his father is a back stabber ” Riele said and shook her head


Mj sat in the school garden and used his drugs

“What are you doing here? I have been looking for you ” Irene said and sat beside him

“I’m not a baby, why were you looking for me ” he said and Irene looked at him

“Are you sick? You don’t look too good ” she said

“I’m not sure too, I have to visit the hospital after school ” he said and Irene nod

“But…….. Was your heart disease inherited?” she asked and Mj grinned

“Yes, my mom had it too ” he said and Irene couldn’t say anything again

She just stared at the ground

Mj smiled and placed his head on her shoulder

“But you know, whenever I’m with you, i am always okay ” he said and Irene smiled

“You are making me cringe ” Irene said

Leo was passing by when he saw them, he scoffed and clenched his fist

“That ba$tard ” he muttered


Mj drove to the hospital and walked to the doctor’s office

“Isn’t that Mj? ” A nurse asked her friend

“I think ” the friend replied

“But what is he doing at the hospital ” she asked and her friend glared at her

“Is this your first time seeing him here? He is a regular customer and according to the doctor , he will soon die ”

“What? He is an actor, he can’t just die like that”

“Who said Actors can not die? ” the nurse said and shook her head


The doctor looked at Mj and sighed

“What is it doctor? Tell me, I’m okay ” Mj said and faked a smile

“Mj, i didn’t want to say this but the disease is now worse than ever, even the drugs won’t work for you, be prepared, it could be anytime from now ” the doctor said and Mj sighed

“Alright, thanks doctor ” he said and walked out of the hospital

Once he got inside the car, tears dripped from his eyes

His phone started to ring and he picked it up

“Hello? ” Irene said on the other side of the phone

“Irene, do you remember the first day we met? ” he asked and Irene smiled

“Of course, you were such a jerk then ” she said and Mj held his tears

“Don’t you ever forget that moment ” he said and Irene nod

“Alright, but why are you talking as if you are saying farewell ” Irene said and he sniffed back his tears

“No, I’m not saying farewell ”

“Are you crying? ” Irene asked

“No. Irene do you want to go on a date with me ” he said and Irene nod

“Of course, when? ”

“Now ”

“Really? Then I will be waiting for you at home” she said and hanged up

Mj looked at Irene’s picture and smiled

“This may be our first and last date ” he said

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