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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 2

EPISODE 2 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️🤓

Mj dragged irene away in the rain

The rain stopped and he also stopped walking and released Irene’s hand

“You!! ” he half yelled and glared at her while Irene scratched the back of her neck

“What? It’s not like it was my fault ” she said and looked at him

“But what’s with your reaction? Are jealous right now? ” She said and Mj coughed

“of course I’m jealous, I never even had the chance to kss you in the rain ” he said and Irene scoffed

“Was that why you punched your best friend ”

“I never punched him ”

“You just did ” Irene said and folded her arms

“I will go alone, make sure you bring Leo with you ” She said and walked away

“What? Wait! I can’t do that! ” he yelled after her but Irene didn’t look back


Leo walked inside a bar and sighed

He touched his lips and saw blood on his hand

He recalled how Mj punched him and dragged irene away

“What are you doing here? ” he heard Mj’s voice behind him

“Ugh? ”

“What are you doing? ” Mj asked again and sat beside him

“Nothing ” Leo replied staring at his cup of alcohol

“I’m sorry ” Mj said and Leo looked at him

“What are you looking at? It took me some courage to say the word ‘Sorry ‘” he said and Leo snickered

“Did you just laugh? ” Mj said and he looked away

“Why Irene? ” Mj asked

“I like her ” Leo replied

“Why her? ” Mj asked again

“Because she’s fundamentally different from other girls ” he said and Mj was quiet for a while

Leo drank the alcohol in his cup and stood up

“Let’s go, she told you to bring me back right?” he said and walked outside

“Wait up ” Mj said and ran after him


Leo sat in front the mirror and tried to apply some balms on his bleeding lips but he couldn’t do it

“Why is this so hard? ” He groaned

Irene walked in and collected it from him

“Let me help ” she said and applied the balm on his lips

“I’m sorry ” she said

“For what? ”

“You got hurt because of me, I’m sorry about that ” She said and Leo nod

“Is that all you are sorry about? ” he asked and Irene looked at him

“Ugh? ”

“I will do it myself, good night ” he collected the balm and laid on the bed

Irene stared at him for a while before walking out

She bumped into Ella on her way out

“Ella, I didn’t know you were……” She didn’t complete her statement before Ella walked out on her

“Why is everyone so weird today? ” Irene asked herself and shrugged


On his way to school, Leo saw his father leaning on a car

He walked to him and sighed

“What the hell are you doing here? ”

“i came to see you ” his father said

“Why? ”

“Because i missed you ”

Leo looked at his father with shock

He never said that word to him before

“What are you up to this time? ” he asked

“Leo listen up, if I do not kill mj, you will die instead ” he said and Leo scoffed

“Is someone threatening you? ” he asked and his father stared at the ground

He smirked before walking away

He walked to school angrily and saw Mj sitting with his headphone on, he walked up to him and removed the headphone

“Leo….” Mj called and he pulled Mj by the collar of his cloth and everyone gasped

Irene and Ella stared with shock

“What’s going on? ” Sophia gasped

“Did you say you are going to kill anyone behind your mother’s death?” Leo said angrily and Mj arched his brow

“Do whatever you want, kill that person if you want to because I do not care anymore ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes and Mj continued to stare at him


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