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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 11

Semi final…..

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️🌻

Irene walked to Mj who was sitting on a bench outside the station

He was busy playing games on his phone

“What are you doing? ” she said and sat beside him

“Nothing much, what were you discussing with your father? ” he asked, his gazed fixed on the game he was playing

“Just some stuffs between father and daughter ” Irene said and looked at him

“Thanks ” she said and Mj smiled

“For what? ”

“Why are you asking when you knew what you did.? ” she said and Mj scoffed

“Did you just laugh? “Irene asked

“I scoffed, I didn’t laugh” he said and kept a straight face

“When is my father getting released? ” she asked

“The real criminal has to be arrested before he can be released ” Mj said Irene sighed

“Your father and Leo’s father has to be arrested? ” she asked and Mj nod

“Was that an easy decision? ” she asked again and Mj stopped what he was doing as he stared at the ground

“It wasn’t an easy decision but I have no choice, Leo’s father may be released later since he was threatened but I do not mind if my father spend all his life in jail, he killed my mom ” he said and Irene wrapped her arms across his neck and hugged him tightly

“You feel lonely don’t you? Don’t worry, I will cheer you up and be by your side ” she whispered in his ears and Mj smiled

His chest suddenly started to ache as he groaned in pain

“Are you okay? ” Irene asked as she disengaged the hug

“I need to visit the hospital right away ” he said and Irene helped him inside the car


Leo stood in front of the house and watched as his father was arrested by the police

“Hey kid, your father is arrested for the murder of Mrs Javier five years ago ” a police said and Leo nod

“Alright ” he said and looked at his father as tears gathered in his eyes

“you have the right to call his lawyer……….” a police said but Leo cuts in

“We do not have the money to get a lawyer please take him away ” He said and walked inside the house

Tears rolled down his cheek as he recalled how his father killed Mj’s mom

“This is all your fault dad ” he said and his phone started to ring

He checked the caller and it was Irene

“Hello? ”

“Leo, can you come to the hospital? I will text the adress to you ” she said and hanged up

Leo took his jacket and ran outside


Irene was pacing around the hospital with Ella sitting next to her when Leo ran to them

“What happened? “he asked

“Mj is in a critical condition right now, the doctor says he needs an operation ” Ella said and Leo ran his finger through his hair

Irene phone beeped and she saw a text from Zoey

‘Hey, I heard Mj’s dad Was arrested for Murder, is that true? ‘

She searched on the internet and saw the headline


And under Was the details of everything that happened

Few hours later, the doctor came out

“Mj is okay now, he won’t be disturbed with the disease anymore but it will take a few days before he regains consciousness ” the doctor said and walked away


Irene sat in the ward and held Mj’s hand, he was still unconscious

She heard her name and she walked outside to see who it was

She was surprised to see her father

“Dad ” she called with excitement and hugged her father

But he was with his luggages and hers too

“What are you doing with that? ” she asked

“We have to fly out of the country in some hours, I’m sorry for not telling you earlier” he said and Irene sighed

She looked at Mj and looked at her dad

“Must it be today? ” she asked and her father nod

“Of course, we still have some hours left, you can do whatever you want in those hours ” his Dad said and she looked at Mj again


She walked to Leo who was sitting outside the ward and handed him a letter

“Can you give this to Mj when he recovers? ” she said and Leo collected it

“Your father told me everything, you are moving out of the country ” he said and Irene nod

He stood up and hugged her

“So this how we are gonna part ways ” he said and Irene held back her tears and Leo disengaged the hug

“Do you still like me? ” she asked and Leo smiled

“No, I gave up on you because you are ugly ” he tesead and Irene chucked

“Thanks for everything Leo ” she said and walked to Mj’s ward

She held his hand one more time and smiled

“I’m sorry Mj, i promised to stay by your side but I can’t do that anymore, be happy ” she thought in her mind and walked out of the hospital

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