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Love From High School – Season 3 – Episode 10

EPISODE 10 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Quarter final🌻🌻🌻🌻

Written by divine purpose 😎😎🤓✌️

Mj and Leo both parted ways searching for Irene

After searching for so long, Mj sat on a bench and took his drugs

“Where in the world are you ?” He thought to himself, looking around

His eyes caught someone standing in front of a police station

“Irene? ” he scoffed and moved closer

“Irene” he said and grabbed her hand but Irene jerked it away and ran away

“Irene ” he called and ran after her, he got to her and grabbed her hand again

“Let go of my hand ” she said trying to release her hand

“What were you doing in front of a police station? Do you know how worried i was? ” Mj yelled at her

“I came to see my dad, I don’t even know which station he is, my mom didn’t tell me anything about that ” she said as tears gathered in her eyes

“it’s so hard to believe, no matter how hard I try to believe everything Leo said, I can’t. What are you going to do? Your father is the beginning and end of this mess ” she said and Mj sighed

” I will deal with it myself ” he said

“What of my father? What is going to happen to my dad? ” she asked and Mj hugged her

“I will deal with that too, don’t worry ” he said and caressed her hair

Leo was still looking for Irene when he saw both her and Mj

He looked a little bit disappointed but okay at the same time

“I’m glad you are okay” he said and turned to leave when he saw his father behind him

“She’s okay ” his father said and he nod

“Dad ” he called

“What ”

“Turn yourself in ” he said and his father arched his brow

“What do you mean? ”

“Turn yourself in to the cops ” he said and his father scoffed

“That’s a rare thing a son should say to his father ” his dad said

“Mj’s father threatened you, if you do not turn yourself in to the cops, Mj will die and Irene’s dad will continue to suffer ” Leo said

“Are you worried about Mj?” his father asked

“No, I’m only worried about you ” he said and walked away


Mj took Irene to his mother grave ,he had bought flowers for the both of them but Irene didn’t know why he bought those flowers

“Whose grave is this? ” Irene asked as Mj dropped his flower

“My mom ” he said and irene stared at the ground

“Look up, you didn’t kill her ” Mj said and she looked at him

“Won’t you drop your flower? ” he asked and she dropped it on the grave

“Mom, I brought a gift to you, Can you see her? She’s the woman i love ” Mj thought to himself staring at the grave

“Why are just staring? ” Irene asked and he smiled

“Mind your business will you? ” he said and she scoffed

Irene also stared at the grave and sighed

“Don’t worry too much about Mj, i will stay with him and I will make sure to protect him ” she said in her mind

“Mom, i will be having a surgery in few days, I will survive right? ” Mj said in his mind but he didn’t realise he was crying until Irene told me

“Are you a baby? Why are you crying in front of your mom ?” Irene teased and he wiped his tears


They both walked down the street holding each others hand

“Why did you think your father sent Leo’s dad to kill your mom? ” Irene asked

“I’m not sure, I think it’s because of the disease, from what I heard, my mom kept it a secret from my Dad even after their marriage, But my dad got really furious when he knew, it’s like he doesn’t like people with disease ” Mj said and Irene stopped half way

“Wait a minute, My mom…. What will happen to her? ” she asked


Irene’s mother banged inside the house and threw her bag away

She looked at Mj’s dad with anger

“you…. Is it true? You killed your own wife and My ex husband is the one suffering from it ” she said and Mr Javier smirked

“Yeah, so what? He is your ex husband afterall ” he said

“You are really cruel, I’m sorry but I’m calling off our wedding, it’s over between us ” She said and banged inside to pack her


Mj phone started ringing and he picked it up

“Alright, I will be there ” he said and hanged up

“Who was that? ” Irene asked

“Hey, follow me ” he said and drove to a police station

“Why are we at a station? ” she asked but Mj held her hand and took her inside

“Irene ” she heard her name

She looked behind her and saw her father locked up in a cell

“Dad ” She called as tears gathered in her eyes

“Irene ” her dad called and she ran to the front of the cell

“Dad, I miss you ” Irene said and looked at Mj who smiled at her

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