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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 8

Episode 8 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓😎✌️

Irene sat on the couch waiting for Mj when Leo walked to her and sat beside her

“Hi ” she said and smiled and Leo responded by smiling back

“What are you doing here alone? ” he asked

“Nothing ” she responded and there was silence for some minutes before Irene broke the silence

“Thanks for making up with Mj ” she said and Leo stared at the ground

“Have you thought about it? ” he asked and she looked at him


“My feelings for you, have you thought about them? ” he asked but Irene couldn’t say anything

“Why aren’t you saying anything? ”

“Leo, I……. ”

“Were they just empty words to you that day?” he asked staring directly into her eyes

“Leo ”

“Are my feelings a joke?” he said as he stood up

“Then why did you lie that day? ” Irene asked and he arched his brow

“What? ”

“That day when you gave me back my necklace, Mj was the one who brought it out from the pool not you” she said and Leo looked away

” i never said i was the one who brought it out…… I” he paused and looked at her again

“Why are you suddenly changing the topic? ” he asked

“What about my feelings? What about me? ” he asked and Irene sighed

“I am good at waiting so I will wait for your answers, until then, don’t ever look at any guy ” he said and walked back to his room


Leo walked to his room and slammed the door

He recalled the day He saw Mj and Irene kssing

“You can’t give him a place in your heart ” he said stared at the ceiling


5 years ago

“I like you Riele ” Leo said and Riele looked at him

“I’m sorry Leo ” she said and held his hand

“I like another person ”

“By another person do you mean Mj? ” he asked and she slowly nod

” Why him? ” he asked and she slowly released his hand

“I fell in love with him at first sight ” she said and Leo scoffed

“What about me, what did you think of me? ” he asked

“I think of you as a friend i can rely on, a trustworthy friend, and a true friend to Mj ” she said and walked away


“I don’t want to be rejected like five years ago, so please give him a place in your heart” he thought to himself


Mj sat on a bench outside and Irene walked to him

“Why are you sitting here alone? ” she asked and sat beside him

“I heard your conversation with Leo ” he said and stared at the sky

“Do you like him?” he asked and Irene looked at him

“Why are you asking me that? ”

“Just because………. ”

“Just because? ”

“I was curious ” he said and looked at her

“Why are you suddenly curious about my r©mance life? ” she said and Mj grinned

“I feel like I’m a bad friend ” he said

“Why? ”

“I’m not sure too. Everyday I’m always sorry to him, because I stole his first love ” he said and Irene giggled

“Don’t laugh, this is not funny ” he whined

“You didn’t steal his first love, Riele was the one who chose you ”

“I know ” he said and stared at the sky while Irene did the same too

“I love watching the stars, don’t they remind you of something? ” she asked and Mj nod

“Of course, whenever I see them, they remind me of my mom ” he said and Irene stared at him

“Stop staring at me like that, you didn’t kill her ” he said and Irene looked away

“What killed your mother? ” she asked and Mj closed his eyes before answering

“It was an accident, a car accident ” he said Irene stared at the ground

“That day, I was standing at the roadside but i couldn’t do anything when my mom got Hit by a car” he said and this made Irene more sorry

She wanted to tell him the truth but was afraid of the consequences

She suddenly felt Mj’s head on her shoulder

“What are you doing? ”

“Let me sleep like this for a while ” he said and closed his eyes

“I’m sorry Mj, I’m really sorry ” she thought to herself

The next day………….

Leo and mj sat in the garden during lunch break

They were both busy with their phones

Leo was playing a game while Mj was searching for something

“What are you looking for? ” Leo asked

“I took a picture of some cars, I’m looking for the one that hit my mom five years ago ” he said and Leo stopped and looked at him

“What? ”

“Don’t mind me and continue what you were doing ”

“Why are you bringing up that again, you never did all these for five years ” Leo said

“That’s because I thought the police would help ”

“But they caught the culprit ” Leo half yelled and Mj looked at him

“Why are you yelling at me? It wasn’t that man who hit my mother, he looked so innocent ”

“Criminals do look innocent at something like this ” Leo said and sighed with frustration

“Then let me ask you, if it turned out that the person is innocent, What are you going to do to the real culprit? ” Leo asked and Mj dropped his phone and looked at him

“Since you are curious, I will tell you ” he said and Leo nod

“I’m going to kill that person, and everyone else who knew about my mother’s death ” he said with a deadly glare

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