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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 6

Episode 6 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓😎🌻

3 weeks ago

Irene secretly followed Breanne one day after school, after discovering her hospital, she went back to the hospital in disguise as her sister

“Hi, I’m Bianca, Breanne’s little sister, Is anything wrong with my sister? ” she asked and the doctor showed her the result of the test

“She was diagnosed with cancer ” the doctor said and her eyes widened

“Cancer? What type of cancer? ”

“Both lung cancer and skin cancer ”

“What? ”

“She will be having an operation in 24 hours however, we are not sure if she will survive” the doctor said and Irene sighed

The doctor looked at her suspiciously

“I thought you are her sister, why is this new to you? ”

“Ugh? She told me to ask you personally ” Irene lied and walked out of the hospital


“She died because of the cancer not because she was depressed about Mj’s rejection, Who in her right mind will commit suicide because of a rejection” Irene explained to the reporters and Mj scoffed

“What about Mj’s Heart disease? Did it started because he smokes and drink too much? ” A reporter asked and Irene Shook her head

“It’s true that Mj smokes and drink but he only do that when he is confused, his heart disease didn’t start because of that ” she said and looked at the camera

“Mj was born with heart disease ” she said and everyone started to murmur

“He was born with it? No way ” the reporters murmured among themselves and Mj scoffed again

“is she crazy ?who told her to say that publicly?” he said and Irene looked at him

“One more thing ” she said

“I was the girl Mj kssed, he didn’t kss me intentionally, he kssed me because he was drunk that day ” she said and walked away


They both walked down the street with silence

It was a very awkward moment

They never felt that way before

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I suddenly feeling too shy to say anything” Irene thought to herself
“Why is my heart beating so fast? ” Mj thought to himself and placed his hand on his chest

“Well…about what happened today, tha…than…..than…..” he stammered and Irene started to laugh

“Don’t tell me you are trying to say thank you” she said and Mj became embarrassed

“If you are thankful, do me a favor ” she said and Mj looked at her

“Become friends with Leo again ” she said and he looked away

“No ”

“Then I will go and tell the reporters that everything i said was a lie and that you paid me to say it ” she threatened and Mj cleared his throat

“Alright, where is Leo? ” he asked and Irene smiled

“His at his house ” she said and Mj turned to go but she grabbed his hand

“Did you really forgot what you did that night you were drunk? ” she asked and Mj stared at the sky

“I do not remember, please stop asking me?” he thought to himself and Irene grabbed the collar of his clothes and kssed him on the lips as his eyes widened

“This was what you did” she said after removing her lips and Mj gulped

“Alright! Alright! I remember doing that ” he said but he found himself blushing

“I have to go ” he said and walked away embarrassingly

“He is cute ” Irene said and smiled her smile vanished when she recalled that Leo’s father is behind Mj’s mother death

“He will get hurt when he finds out ” she said and sighed


Mj walked to Leo’s house and walked straight into his room

He saw Leo sitting on the floor in a corner

It was obvious he was sad

“What are you doing here? ” he asked and Mj walked up to him and sat beside him

“It’s strange, you never loved touching me, why are you sitting so close to me ” Leo said and Mj brought out a picture of the both of them when they were little

“Do you remember when we took this picture? ” he asked and Leo looked at it

“it was a month after we became friends, you were turning ten that day ” Leo said and smiled

“You were really a brat ” he added and Mj grinned

“You were a brat then too, you used to eat all my sandwich with yours ” Mj said and they both burst out laughing

Leo’s father who was peeking at the door looked at them and sighed

“I really wish I hadn’t killed your mother Mj, then you and Leo could have been happy together like this ” he thought to himself and looked at Leo

“I’m sorry son ” he said

Leo stopped laughing and looked at Mj

“But why? ” he asked and Mj arched his brow

“What do you mean why?”

“Why are you suddenly so nice to me ” he said and Mj sighed

“Because I want to be your friend again ” he said and Leo stared at the ground

“I want to be your friend too but…. ”

“Don’t worry, I have forgiven you, I will forget about everything you did ” he said and Leo started to cry

“I’m sorry Mj ” he said and Mj hugged him

“It’s okay ” he said and pat his back

“Mj, you won’t even be able to forgive me once you know the truth ” Leo thought to himself and sob

Leo’s father walked out of the house, about to leave when his phone rang

“Hello? ” he said as he picked up

“Why is that child still alive? ” that was him

The one who ordered Leo’s father to kill Mj’s mother

“Sir, our agreement was to kill his mother ” Leo’s father said and the man scoffed

“Are you whining? That child is not someone who should be alive “the man said

“I cannot do it, I don’t want to commit a grave sin to my son ” Leo’s father said

“I heard he is your son’s best friend, it won’t be too bad to kill the both of them ” the man said

“Sir!! ” Leo’s father yelled out angrily

” I want that child dead, if you fail, you know what I am capable of doing ”

“Are you trying to threaten me just like you did five years ago?

“If you fail to bring that child’s dead body to me, I will kill him myself, I will kill your only son and I will make you die a painful too ” the man said

“But why? ” Leo’s father said in a trembling voice

“The decision is yours ” the man said and hanged up

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