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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 3

Episode 3 💃💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓✌️🌻

Irene jerked her hand away from Leo and stared at the both of them one after the other

“I’m tired of your silly fights ” she said and dragged her box back upstairs

“Stop it already, I can’t stand you anymore ” Mj said and walked upstairs too

Leo scoffed and clenched his fist

“I can’t stand you anymore too” Leo said and sighed


Ella walked to Irene’s room and saw her sitting on the chair

She walked in and sat on the bed

“Do you like Mj? ” she asked Irene without looking at her but Irene kept quiet

“You seem to like Mj a lot but Leo likes you ” Ella said and looked at her

“I like Leo a lot ” she said and Irene looked at her too

“Why are you telling me this? You should be telling Leo not Me ” Irene said and Ella sighed

“I’m telling you because Leo likes you, stop confusing him and tell him the truth about your feelings, he only looks at you everytime and i don’t like it that way ” Ella said and stood up

“I know that you like Mj” she said and walked out

Irene scoffed and laid on the bed

“I’m really confused too” she said and sighed deeply


Mj was reading his fans comments under the rumors about him but he was disappointed

“I thought they were my fans ” he said and he heard a knock on the door

“Come in ” he said and Leo entered

“I wouldn’t have said come in if I knew it was you ” he said and Leo moved closer to him

“I came to give you a warning, I’m tired of losing to you everytime, you and I are different so get your head straight ” he said and was about to leave when Mj smirked

“That’s right, you and I are different. Your parents are both alive while my mother is dead, isn’t that what makes us different ” Mj said and Leo turned back to him

“You are really something else ” Leo scoffed and moved his mouth closer to his ear

“Stop playing with Irene’s feeling, because if something happens to that girl, I won’t let it slide ” he said and walked out of the room and Mj smirked

“He is really desperate ” he said and continued what he was doing

The next day, Mj stood up from the bed, he hardly slept that night because he kept having nightmares

His phone started ringing and it was the CEO of the entertainment industry he came from

He sighed and picked it up

“What is it? ” he asked rudely but he noticed the tone of the CEO’S voice was like he has been crying

“You, why didn’t you tell me you had an heart disease, why did you kept it to yourself ?” The ceo asked and he arched his brow

“How did you know about that? ” he asked and the ceo burst into tears

“It is everywhere on the news, everyone is talking about it right now, this company is ruined because of you ” the ceo said still crying and Mj hanged up

He ran to the living room and switched on the news

Newscaster : some hours ago, it was discovered that the popular celebrity we all know, Max Javier has been suffering from heart disease , however, no one knows when the disease started

Max Javier is the type that smokes and drinks a lot, it was said that his problem started then

Apart from this, Max Javier has been caught dating numerous ladies, he is said to be a womanizer
However the people are mad and angry at him, Max Javier is no longer a celebrity that can be trusted.

Under the news was the picture of when he kssed Irene

Mj scoffed and stumbled back

“What’s going on? ” he said and Leo and Ella ran downstairs

“What is going on? Mj you had an heart disease? ” Leo said

“You even kept it a secret from everyone including me, your cousin?” Ella said with shock but Mj wasn’t thinking about that

“I kssed Irene inside the house, how did the news got to the reporters? ” he asked and Ella and Leo stared with shock

“What’s going on? ” Ella asked and Mj nod

“I think I understand ” he said and walked to Irene’s room

“What are you doing here? ” Irene asked and he dragged her and her belongings out

“Get out! ” he said and they all looked at him with shock

“What are you saying? ” Irene said with a grin

“I said get out! You know something about the news right? You are the only one who knows about my heart disease and you are the one i kssed, how did those got to the reporters?! ” he yelled and Ella gasped

“What? Are you saying Irene told the reporters about your heart disease ” Ella asked and Mj pushed her out

“Get out! I thought you were someone i could trust but I’m disappointed ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes

“I didn’t tell the reporters ” Irene said

“Then who did? It was you! ” Mj yelled at her and Irene took her box

“I will leave, this isn’t my house anyway, you are really someone who shouldn’t be trusted too” Irene said and dragged her box out

Leo looked at Mj

“I’m leaving too ” he said and went upstairs to pack his belongings


Irene dragged her box to her house but she bumped into the Landlady

“Ma’am, I’m sorry I didn’t inform you before leaving, can I get the house key? ” she asked and the woman folded her arms

“Your rent is due and this room is owned by a new tenant now ” the woman said

“What? ”

“Go, don’t you ever come here again ” the woman said and walked inside

Irene squat infront of the room and buried her head under her laps
“Where do I go? ” she asked as tears dripped from her eyes

She heard a footstep and she looked up and saw Leo

She wiped her tears and looked at him

“What are you doing here? ” she asked and Leo squat infront of her
He placed his hand on her cheeks and smiled at her

“You are not alone Irene, I will stay by your side ” he said and Irene stared at him

“Thanks for saying that” she said and he smiled again

“If anyone was to stay by your side, it would be me ” he said and they both stared at each other

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