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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 2

Episode 2 💃💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓🌻

The next morning, they all sat in the dining room with silence

They couldn’t look at each other too

“What’s wrong with everyone? ” Ella asked but Leo stood up and walked to his room

“What is wrong with him? Why is everyone so silent? ” Ella asked again and this time it was Mj who stood and walked to his room

Ella looked at Irene and smiled

“Yesterday night, I saw you guys kssing ” she said and Irene started to cough

“Do you like my cousin?” she asked and Irene stood up too

“Thank you for the meal, I have to go ” she said and ran away with embarrassment


Mj sat on the bed and covered his face with his hand

“I must be crazy, why did I kss her? ” he said and scattered his hair

“I just have to pretend like I didn’t remember, I should avoid her ” he said and walked outside the room but he bumped into Leo who was on his way to the bathroom

Leo stared at him for a while before entering the bathroom

“What is his problem? ” he thought to himself and walked to the kitchen to drink a cup of water

He was about to drink the water when he heard Irene’s voice behind him

“What are you doing here? ” she asked and the glass cup fell from his hand

“Sorry ” he said and walked out

“Is he avoiding me? ” Irene thought

She was on her way back to her room when she met Leo

“Hi ” she smiled but Leo didn’t reply, he continued to stare at her with made Irene uncomfortable

She was about to go but Leo grabbed her hand

“Do I make you uncomfortable?” he asked

“Well……..that’s not………that’s not ” she stammered and he smiled

“I guess I do make uncomfortable ” he said and released her hand

“What must I do for you to see my feelings for you ” he said

Ella who was eavesdropping from her room scoffed and sat on her bed

“Is this a love triangle? ” she asked and sighed

“But I like you a lot ” she said

Irene sat on the couch and recalled what Leo said

She looked up and saw Mj

“I’m sorry, you guys can’t go to school because of me ” he said and she stood up

“It’s okay ” she said and he nod

“About what happened yesterday night……….. ” she paused and he looked at her innocently
“Yesterday night? What happened yesterday night? ” he asked innocently and Irene arched her brow

“Are you pretending not to remember? ”

“No, What really happened yesterday night ” he asked and Leo came downstairs with dragging his box and Irene’s box too

“What’s wrong Leo? ” Irene asked and he grab her hand

“Let’s go ” he said and Mj stared with shock

“What? ”

“Let’s go back to our house ” he said and wanted to drag Irene but Mj stopped him

“You can’t go anywhere now, the reporters are outside ” he said and Leo glared at him

“I don’t care ” he said

“Is something wrong Leo?” Irene asked and he looked at her

“Let’s go, I will take you home ” he said and Mj grabbed his hand

“What do you think you doing right now?! ” Mj yelled and Leo j.erked his hand away

“I’m trying to protect what I should protect, don’t try to stop me! ” he yelled back and they both glared at each other

“You are really a j.erk Leo ” Mj said and Leo smirked

“And you are dangerous ba$tard, Max ” Leo said and they both glared at each other with frustration and anger

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