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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 13 [Completed]

EPISODE 13 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎😉✌️

Leo walked to the ward irene was and sat beside her

He continued to stare at her face and recalled the position he met her and Mj

“What happened? ” he asked himself

Irene opened her eyes and sat up

“Are you okay? ” he asked as Irene touched her head

“Yes, I’m okay, but what happened? ” he asked and Leo moved closer

“I was about to ask you that, what happened? ” he asked and Irene looked at him as if she remembered something

“Where is Mj?” she asked

“He is fine ,i know Mj collapsed because of his disease but what about you? ” ” Leo asked again and she arched her brow

“That’s strange, I can’t remember what happened to me yesterday ” she Said and Leo’s eyes widened

“You can’t remember? ” he asked and Irene nod


Mj opened his eyes and met Ella sitting beside him

He held his chest and sat up

“Are you okay now? ” Ella asked and she nod

“Where is Irene? ” he asked

“She’s okay too, but i can’t understand what happened between you guys yesterday, I saw her being dragged inside a car, did you you find out who it was? ” Ella asked and mj shook his head

“The person Was not trying to kill her ” he said

“What do you mean? ” Ella asked and he stood up from the bed

“I have to see Irene ” he said and walked to her ward

He Was about to enter when he heard Leo’s voice

He slightly opened the door and saw him Holding Irene’s hand

He closed back the door and leaned on it

“Why aren’t you entering? ” Ella asked

“Let’s go back home, I hate the atmosphere in this hospital ” he said and walked away


He drove to his Dad house and entered

“Hi ” Irene mother said but he ignored her

He walked to his dad room and saw him dressing him up

” I was about to come to you, I’m glad you are here, my wedding is in two weeks, I….. ”

“I’m against that wedding ” Mj cuts in before his father could complete his statement

“What do you mean? ”

“I said I’m against that marriage, I do not need a mother”

“But i need a wife ”

“I do not care, If you try to do a wedding, I will stop it by all means ” he said and walked out

He met Irene’s mom at the door and glared at her before walking out


Leo and Irene both walked out of the hospital but Irene kept looking everywhere

“Are you looking for something? ” Leo asked

“Where is Mj? ” she asked

“He left saying he needs something to deal with ”

“Really? ” she asked and Leo nod

Leo looked up and saw Riele leaning at a car a little bit far away from them

“I will be back ” he said to Irene and walked to Riele

“Why did you kidnap Irene yesterday and what are you doing here? What exactly are you up to? ” Leo asked and Riele smirked

“You are the criminal here Leo, you know your father was behind Mj’s mom death and you covered it up ” she said and moved closer to him

“That girl, Irene, did you know that her father was the one who was arrested for Mj’s mother’s death instead of you ” he said and Leo’s eyes widened

“What?! ”

“Wait for a few days, I’m going to accomplish my goal, I will reveal everything and break your friendship with Mj. You guys are not meant to be friends anyway ” She said and grinned evilly

Leo stumbled back and looked at Irene with shock

“Her father was arrested for My father’s sin? ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes.

To be continued!
Next season coming up!!

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