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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 12

EPISODE 12 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎🤓✌️

“I love you so much, please stay with me till the end ” Mj said and pulled Riele to himself

“I love you too, I don’t want to leave you ” Riele said and smiled and Mj kssed her on the lips

“Cut” The director of the drama said as all the crews clapped

Mj released Riele and looked away

“Wow, mj, that was so great ” The director said and he moved closer to him

“What is going on? Why is Riele the Actress and when did Riele became an actress? ” he asked and the director smiled

“Aren’t you guys in love? Everyone knows she is your girlfriend, you should be grateful i asked her to do it ” the director said and Mj glared at him

“Why did you ask her? You should have called another actress not her, i came here because of the amount of money you said you would give to me, After this drama I’m no more working for you ” he said and walked away

“Mj, you can’t do that ” the director called after him

Riele ran after him and held his hand

“Mj ” he called and he jerked her hand away

“What do you think you are doing right now? You, when did you become an actress? ” he asked and smirked

” I want to become an actress too, that’s the only way, I can get closer to you, We are Still in love ” she said and smiled

“Riele ” Mj said and stared directly into her eyes

“You are my first love and everyone knows that but My heart no more flutters when I see you ” he said as tears gathered in Riele’s eyes

“I’m sorry ” he said and walked away

Riele wiped her tears and clenched her fist

Irene sat in the classroom after school reading

She stopped and recalled both Leo and Mj

“Why are they both confusing me ” she said and continued what she was doing

She stopped again

“They are both handsome ” she said and smiled

“Who? ” She heard Mj’s voice behind her and she jerked up with fear

“You scared me you jerk ” she yelled and hit him

“Why were you talking to yourself ?and who is the handsome guy? Is it me ” Mj said and folded his arms

“I never said anyone was handsome ” she said and Mj looked at her books

“What is going on? ” I’ve never seen you reading before” he said and irene cleared her throat

“I’m tired of being the last student in class, I want to try to move upward a bit ” she said and Mj scoffed

“Should I be your teacher? ” he asked and made puppy eye

“You? You are not that good too, You are an average student, I will rather tell Leo to tutor me for some days ” she said and Mj scoffed again

“Why do you think i can’t ” he said and moved closer to her

Irene looked at him and her heart started to beat

She then recalled what Zoey said

“The one who makes heart beat when he is with you, is the one you love ”

“Wait here, I have something to give you ” She said and walked out of the class

Mj smiled and sat on a chair, “She’s cute ” he said

Irene walked to a convenience store to get chocolates for Mj

She smiled and put it in a bag

“Wait a minute, why did I buy this for him? ” She asked herself and sighed

She was on her way back when a car stopped in front of her and she was bundled in side the car

Ella who was on her way to the store saw her and dialled both Leo and Mj’s number

“She was kidnapped, I will send the number of the car to you ” she said and hanged up

Leo took his jacket and ran out

“Who is playing such a silly game ” Mj said and ran out of the Classroom too


Irene hands and leg were tied together as she try freeing herself

She was forced to enter a dark room and tied to the chair there

“Who sent you guys ” She said glaring at the men

“I did ” Riele said and entered then she slapped one of the men

“Are you crazy? I told you to escort her here without hurting her ” she said and the man bowed

“Why are you doing this?” Irene asked staring directly into her eyes

“You, What is your relationship with Mj? ” She asked and Irene scoffed

“Is that all you have to say ” Irene said and smirked

“I was told you are a bada$$, but i guess it’s true, you have the gut to talk back to me without knowing what i can do to you ” Riele said

” I have little to say, Don’t ever move close Mj, If you do i won’t let it slide ” She said and collected a injection from a man

“What are you trying to do? ” Irene asked as Riele injected her

“This will make you forget what happened today, you never met me ” she said and asked her men to release irene


Mj was still running around looking for Irene

Fortunately, he saw her staggering down the street

“Irene ” he called and ran to her

“Are you okay? ” he asked and Irene wanted to fall but he caught her

“Mj ” Irene called softly and closed her eyes

“What happened to you? ” Mj asked and carried her

He carried her and walked down the street but his chest started to ache suddenly

“No, not now ” he said and continued to walk but the pain was getting worse

He laid irene on the floor and dialled Leo’s number but he wasn’t picking up

The pain was getting more worse and he held his chest gasping for air

He looked at Irene and dialled Leo’s number again as he laid on the floor beside Irene

“Irene, you must live ” he said and closed his eyes

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