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Love From High School – Season 2 – Episode 11

EPISODE 11💃💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️🌻

Mj opened his eyes and met himself in the hospital, he looked beside him and saw Leo and Irene sitting beside him

“What am I doing here? ” he asked and sat up

“You almost got hit by a car but Leo saved you ” Irene said and he looked at Leo

“Thanks ” he said and sighed

Leo walked out of the hospital and saw his father standing

He scoffed and moved closer to him

“What are you doing here? You almost killed Mj ” he said and his father looked around

“Lower your Voice ”

“Just what are you up to dad? Why are you doing this? Is someone threatening you? ” Leo half yelled

“Enough Leo ”

“I should be the one saying that. Take one more step to harm mj and I’m going to hand you over to the police ” he said and turned to leave

“Can you really do that?? ” his father asked and tears gathered in Leo’s eyes

“Can you really hand me over to the police? ” his father asked and he blinked back his tears

“Are you doing this because you think i can’t do it? ” he asked and walked away


Mj laid on the bed and Irene covered him with the blanket

” I told you to leave ” he said and looked at her

“Why are you telling me to leave? I want to stay with you ” Irene said

“is she really your mother? ” he asked and she nod

“Why didn’t you tell me? She’s getting married to my dad in two weeks ” he said

“I’m sorry, I wanted to keep it a secret ” she said and he sat up

“you wanted to keep it a secret? If our parents get married we are going to be step siblings ” he yelled at her

“I know ”

” am I joke to you? Are my feelings a joke, I need you to stay with me but not as my step brother ” he said and Irene sighed


Mj’s dad and Irene’s mother sat in a restaurant eating

“Our wedding will be in two weeks and I’m not sure if my son will be there ” he said and Irene mom smiled.

“Sons are sometimes like that ” she said and stopped eating
“I have something to say ” she said and Mj’s dad looked at her

“The truth is that Mj’s manager is actually my daughter ” she said

“What? ”

“I thought this might be the right time to tell you ”

“Really? She’s really your daughter? ”

“Yes, are you still okay with marrying me ” she said and the father laughed

“Of course, I never had a daughter so this is an opportunity for me ” he said and Irene mom smiled


Irene sat in the school cafeteria with her food absentminded

“Irene ” Zoey screamed into her ear and sat on the chair in front of her

“What were you thinking of? ” she asked and Irene sighed

“Tell me, I’m your only friend ” Zoey bragged and she scoffed

“This happened to my friend not me, two guys confessed to her, one wants her, the other needs her, who will she choose? ” she asked

“But i thought I was your only friend ” Zoey said

“Hurry up and answer the question ”

“Why should I answer such a question? It is the girl who will decide ” Zoey said

“Really? ”

“Yeah, I know you are the one the guys confessed to, so tell me who would you choose? ”

“Who would i choose? ” Irene asked and leaned her back on the chair

“Who would i choose? ” she asked again

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