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Love From High School – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 14]




Episode 1 💃💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️🌺

“Why didn’t you take care of him, look at what he caused!” The director of Mj’s new drama yelled at Leo’s father

“I’m sorry, he fired me as his manager so I couldn’t take care of him” Leo father apologized

“My life is ruined, the actress I’m using died and the actor is In trouble, the drama won’t be produced” the director said pacing up and down

“I’m really sorry ” Leo father apologized again
“stop apologizing, I’m going bankrupt”

Leo father walked to Mj’s house but there were so many reporters outside

He took out his phone and called Leo

“Dad ” Leo said as he picked up

“please take care of Mj” he needs someone by his side ”

“You worry too much about mj than your own son ” Leo said and his father sighed

“Leo, that’s not what I meant ”

“Don’t worry, I will stay by his side ” Leo said and hanged up before his father could say another word


Leo walked to Mj’s room and saw him smoking and drinking

“Stop it ” he said and collected the cigarette from him

“Why is everyone blaming me for Breanne’s death? I was not the reason why she died ” Mj said drunkenly and Leo sighed

“I know, no girl can be so stupid enough to Kill herself because a guy rejected her ” Leo said

“No body believes me, even my fans turned their back against me” He said and Leo felt sorry

” I believe you cause you are my friend “Leo said but he was already asleep

He walked outside the room and saw Irene standing outside

“He’s asleep ” he said and Irene nod

“That’s not the reason why Breanne committed su1cide, I’m sure of it ” She said and Leo stared into the air as if he was thinking about something

“What are you thinking about? ” Irene asked and he smiled

“Nothing ” he said and Ella ran to them

“Have you seen mj? ” she asked panting heavily

“He refused to come out of his room, he has been smoking and drinking ” Leo replied

“What are we going to do about those reporters outside? They won’t leave until Mj goes out ” Ella said and her phone beeped

“What’s that? ” Leo asked

“I don’t know what this means but I think people wants him to apologize on his knees ” Ella said and Irene scoffed

“What? ”

“There’s nothing we can do, the citizens wants him to apologize on his knees he should do it” Leo said and they looked at him

“You know how proud Mj is, he would never do such a thing ” Ella half yelled

“If that is what his fans want, he should do it ” Leo said and Irene clenched her fist

“Mj is the type that speaks the truth when he is drunk, you should ask him, he might know the real reason why Breanne died ” Ella said

“I would never allow that ” she said and Leo and Ella looked at her like she was crazy or something

“Do you know something about Breanne’s death? ” Leo asked

“Breanne didn’t commit suicide ” she said and they looked at her with shock

“Then, did you kill her? ” Ella asked and Irene glared at her

“Wait a minute, will Mj be arrested? ” Ella asked

“No! ” Irene yelled and walked back inside Mj’s room

She saw him holding his chest and groaning in pain

“Mj,”she called and ran to him

“Oh, check out who we have here, it is Irene ” he said drunken and with pain

“Why did you smoke? You know your condition, you shouldn’t be smoking ” Irene said and she Could feel tears dripping from her eyes

“I’m okay ” he said and wanted to stand up but he fell

“Stay here, I will go get your drugs ” Irene said and turned to leave but she stopped again

“Can I hug you? ” she asked him and he looked at her

“Why would you do that, you are not my mother ” he said and laughed drunkenly

“You are drunk ” she said and hugged him

After some minutes, she disengaged the hug and wanted to leave but Mj held her hand

“I…….like you ” he said and Irene stared at him for a moment then she recalled Ella saying that Mj speaks the truth when he is drunk

“He says Rubbish when he is drunk ” she said and wanted to leave but Mj pulled her to the bed

“You are behaving abnormal because you are drunk ” she said and wanted to stand but Mj placed his lips on hers

Ella entered and gasped

“What is it? ” Leo asked but Ella closed the door
“What are you hiding? ”

“It’s nothing ” she said but Leo opened the door

He felt like he was thrown a knife in the heart

He held back his tears and walked away

“That’s why I told you not to look at them ” Ella said and closed the door

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