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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9 💃💃💃💃

Written by divine purpose 🥰🥰🌸✌️

Irene sighed and threw his bag back at him

“I don’t want to be your manager” she said and walked out of the class and Leo followed her

“Why did you reject that?” he asked her

“He fired your father to make me his manager, I can’t accept that ” she said

“Are you worried about me ” Leo smiled and she nod

“Yes, If your father lose his job because of me, it will be a hard time for you ” she said and walked away


Leo sat in his room reading a novel when his father entered

“It’s been a while since you came into my room” he said and his father sat down

“Why did you say that?”

“You never had time for me and all you care about is Mj who is not even your son” He smirked

“I’m jobless now, you should have been nice to Mj” his father sighed

“That girl……… Do you like her? ” he asked and Leo glared at him

“I can’t believe you turned yourself to Mj puppy, he mistreated you, harassed you and Embarrassed you in public, are you not ashamed of yourself ” Leo yelled

“You know why I am doing this ” his father yelled back at me

“Why? Because you were the one who killed his mother? ” Leo said panting angrily and his father covered his mouth

“You shouldn’t say that aloud”

“Reveal everything and stop being his puppy, I’m sick and tired of you” He stood up and walked out of the room angrily

His father sighed several times

“I’m doing this for your sake son ”


Mj was walking around his house , he gave all his maids some time off so he was the only one in the big house

“I’m missing Manager tim, geez…….why did I fire him at the first place ” he said to himself and checked his wristwatch

“I have to go to the hospital ” he said and dialled Irene’s number

“If you are calling to tell me to be your manager, I’m not interested ” Irene said as she picked up

“I have to go somewhere with you, meet me at my house in 15 minutes ” he said and hanged up

“you are playing so hard to get , I will you my manager at all cost” he smiled to himself

Irene sighed and threw her phone on the bed

“Is he crazy? Why does he want me to come to his house? ” she asked herself

“But, he will be the only one in his house, since he fired his manager ” she said and stood up

“Alright, I will go ”


Mj sat in the car waiting for her, he checked his wristwatch again

After some minutes, he heard a knock on the car window

“You are late ” he said and she entered the car
“You are supposed to drive since you are manager ” he said and Irene scoffed

“I’m not your manager ” she said

“Where are we going? ” she asked and he started the car

“Shut up and just follow me ” he said


He drove to the hospital and came down from the car but Irene didn’t come down

“Come down ”

“Why should I? You brought me to a hospital without my permission” she said and Mj sighed

“will you come down now !” he said and put on his face cap

“Why are you putting on a face cap ?” Irene asked and he shook his head

“Hey. I’m a celebrity, you can’t expect me to enter the hospital with my face exposed to everyone ” he half yelled at her and walked inside

He told Irene to stay outside and he walked to the doctor’s office and after some test, the doctor sighed and looked at him for a while

“Mj, your disease is getting worse everyday”

“But I do take my drugs just like you instructed ”

“Mj I’m so sorry but…. You don’t have much time left anymore, you should prepare yourself” the doctor said

Irene stood at the door listening to everything

“You have less than 5 months, I’m sorry” the doctor said


The two sat in the car with silence and Mj started the car and drove off

Irene stared at him and she found herself feeling sorry for him

“Stop staring at me ” he finally said

He took out a cigarette and light it

“What do you think you are doing right now ” Irene yelled at him

“Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’m smoking, if I smoke or not, I will still die ” he said and his phone started to ring

“Pick it up ” he said to Irene

“The phone is yours, why should I pick it up ”

“That’s your job as my manager ”

“But I’m not your manager ”

“Just pick it up ”

She sighed and picked up the call

“Hello? ”

“Mj, it’s me your father, Ella is back and she needs somewhere to stay, can she stay at your house for a while ” His father said on the other side of the phone

“What should I tell him? ” Irene asked

“Okay ”

She hanged up the call and looked at him
“Who is Ella? ”

“She is my cousin ” he replied her and she nod


He drove to his father’s house and they met Ella already outside with her Loads

“Let’s go “Mj said and helped her with one of her boxes

Ella looked at Irene

“Who is she? ”

“Don’t worry about her and get in the car ” Mj said and his father walked outside with his soon to be step mother

“You should at least say hi to your step mother ” his father said

“I don’t have a step mother, you should forget about marrying her ” he said

Irene and looked at the step mother and she was shocked

“Mom? ” She thought to herself

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