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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8 💃💃💃🌹🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️😍

Mj laid on a bench in the garden starring at the flowers

“Mj, why do you keep on punishing yourself” his manager said but he ignored him

“Mj ” Manager tim called again

“What is it !” Mj yelled at him

“Mj ” Sage called and walked to them

“The P.E teacher needs you in the last classroom ” sage said and he arched his brow

“But that classroom is empty ” he said

“You should go ” sage said and walked away

He entered the classroom and met Leo inside

“Why are you here? ” Leo asked and he sighed

“I should be asking you that ”

They both heard the sound of someone locking them inside

“Who is there? Open this door ” Leo yelled knocking at the door

“You guys are being punished by the principal, you will be here for 5 hours, that’s your punishment for fighting ” they heard their P. E teacher said and Leo leaned on the wall

“Of all the people in this world, why do I have to be locked in with you? ” Mj sighed and sat on the floor

“Do you still need some beating ” Leo half yelled at him

3 hours later…………….

“I’m hungry and thirsty” Leo growled

“I can’t believe you are hungry in this situation” Mj said and Leo glared at him

“Shut that mouth” he said and mj scoffed

“What in the world was the principal thinking? Why do we have to be locked up? ” Leo said

Mj sighed and folded and his arm

“That sly principal, if this how she wants us to reconcile, then she failed , we are enemies and we will always be” he said and his phone started ringing

“Hello? ”
“Mj, where are you? ” manager tim asked on the other side of the phone

“Why? I’m busy right now ”

“Have you forgotten, today is the first shooting for your drama ” Manager tim said and he sighed

“Unfortunately I’m locked up with a stray dog” he said and Leo glared at him

“What did you just say? ” he muttered

“I will be out in the next 2 hours , Tell the director for me ” He said and hanged up

Leo looked at him and smirked

“I will let that slide because you were on call with my father, next time, call me stray dog and i will choke you to death ” He said and Mj checked his wristwatch

“Too bad. Stray dogs will never admit they are stray dogs, that is why the world is in danger ” Mj said and Leo punched him on the face


Irene and other students were taking their French class when they heard a large crash

“Don’t tell me it’s Leo and Mj again ” The French teacher said

“They are obviously the one ” Jane, vice President said

“What should we do now? ” Zoey asked Irene and she shrugged

“I don’t know, but…… I feel sorry for them, they have been there for 3 hours and they still have 2 hours left ” Irene sighed and she suddenly thought of Mj

“What if Mj starts to feel pain because of his heart disease ” she thought to herself and stared at his seat

“I wish I could give Leo at least a bottle of water ” Sage squealed

” I wish I could give Mj something to eat too ” Zoey said

Irene stood up and grab Mj’s bag and ran out of the class

“Where are you going? ” Zoey asked after her but she didn’t look back


Leo grabbed Mj by the collar of his cloth and wanted to punch him again when he noticed Mj behaving somehow

Mj held his chest and gasped for Air

“What is wrong? ” he asked him

“Can….you……get my….. ” he laid on the floor still breathing heavily

“Can i get your what? ” Leo asked

They heard a Knock on the door

“Mj, Leo open the door “Irene said banging the door

“Irene, we are locked inside, can you open it outside ” Leo said

“Where is Mj? ” she asked

“Why is she suddenly asking for Mj? ” Leo thought to himself

“Don’t worry, I will break the door ” Irene said and stretched her Leg

“Irene, you can’t break the door, you will be in trouble if you get caught ” Leo said but before he knew, Irene broke the door and entered

She saw Mj Lying on the floor and ran to him
“Mj ” she called and helped him sat up

“What are you doing here? ” Mj asked and she brought out his drug and a bottle of water

He collected it and used it without saying a word

“What is that drug for? ” Leo asked and wanted to take it but Irene was quick enough to hide it in the bag

“It’s nothing, it’s just a drug for…… It’s just a pain Relief drug ” She stammered

Somehow, Leo knew she was Lying

“Who is that? ” they heard the principal voice and Irene froze

“Irene, did you break this door? ” the principal asked moving around the class

“Why? Are you dating one of them? ” The principal asked and she gulped

“That’s not it ” she said and the principal smiled

“You broke the door and brought water for Mj, are you dating Mj? ” Mrs Smith, the principal smiled at mj

“What the hell is she saying? ” Mj murmured to himself

“Irene, breaking the school door is an unforgivable thing ” Mrs Smith sighed and gasped

She saw Leo looking at Irene

“Could this be Love triangle ” She said

“What nonsense is that ” Mj and Leo Chorused the same time

“Irene come with me, for breaking the school door and bringing water for someone who is being punished, you will be punished according to the school law ” Mrs Smith giggled

“According to the school law? ” Irene asked and The principal smiled at her

“Follow me ” she said and dragged Irene outside

“Mrs Smith forgive me please ” Irene pleaded

“Are you that clueless, I sense a love triangle in this issue ” Mrs Smith whispered to Irene

“Love triangle? We are just friends, I have no feelings for any of them ” Irene whispered back

“You are so dumb ” Mrs Smith said and dragged her to her office


Mj and Leo sat in the class and all eyes were on them

” I wondered what happened to Irene ” Zoey said and sighed

manager tim ran inside screaming mj name

“Mj! Where have you been, everyone is waiting for you in the shooting location ” He said and Mj sighed

“Stop bothering my dad and go ” Leo said and he stood up

Just then Irene opened the door and entered

“Nice timing ” Mj thought to himself

“I will stop bothering your dad as from today ” he said and collected his bag from Manager tim

“You are fired ” he said and everyone gasped

“He just fired his manager ” Sophia said

He moved closer to Irene and threw the bag at her

“As from today, you are my Manager ” he said and Irene’s eyes widened

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