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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7 💃💃🥰😎

Written by divine purpose 😍😍🌸✌️

Mj walked to the swimming class he had left some of his stuffs there earlier

He picked up his stuff and was about to leave when he saw a necklace inside the pool

He ignored it and was about to leave when he recalled throwing Irene necklace inside the pool
“Whatever, she told me not to help her anymore” he said and was about to leave but he stopped again

“But I threw it inside, I should take it out ” he said and jumped inside the pool


He walked out with the necklace in his hand

“What does this necklace means to her?” he asked himself

“Isn’t that Irene’s necklace? ” he heard Leo’s voice

He sighed and looked at him

“Can you just stop talking to me?! ” he half yelled at Leo

“Your uniform is wet, does that mean you took this out of the pool?” Leo asked

“None of your business” he said and was about to leave but was stopped by Leo

“I will give it to her ” Leo said and he scoffed

“No thanks ”

“I wasn’t asking, I was going to take it anyway” Leo said and jerked the necklace away from Mj

“Give it back ” Mj said

“Mj, shouldn’t you be at least nice to me, the two of us used to be best friends ” Leo said

“We are not friends anymore, I hate your guts ” Mj said with a glare

“Don’t worry, it’s not like I want you to be my friend again, I was just saying. Thanks for the necklace, I will give it to her properly ” Leo smiled and walked away

“That $cumbag ” Mj cur$ed under his breath


Irene was in the library arranging the books with Zoey

“Irene, I think my stomach hurts, I have to visit the school nurse” Zoey said and she nod

“Alright ”

“Thanks, I will be back in some minutes ” Zoey said and walked out

Irene continued to arrange the books

“You are finally alone ” She heard a voice behind her

She turned and saw Leo

“Oh… What are you doing here? ” she asked him and he smiled

” I brought something for you ” he said and brought out the necklace

“My necklace ” she called and Leo wore it for her

“Thanks Leo, you have no idea what this necklace means to me” she said and he smiled

“What does it mean? ”

“this necklace was the only thing my father left for me ” she said staring at the ground

“Where is your dad? ” Leo asked

“He was accused of murder, he will be using some years in the prison ” she faked a smile and continued to arrange the books

“I’m sorry for asking ” Leo said with sympathy in his voice
.”It’s okay, anyways thanks, I owe you one” she smiled and he smiled too

P.E class………….

The students all gathered in the field waiting for their P.E teacher

“He is always wasting our time ” Jane said checking her wristwatch

After some minutes, Mr Ben, the P.E teacher finally came

“Sir , you kept us waiting for 28 minutes” Sophia said

“Shut up. How dare you!” he yelled at her

“Boys play soccer, girls play dodge ball, I will be back after some minutes ” he said and left

“Where in the world is he going? ” Jane asked and shook her head

Leo divide the guys in different teams but Leo and mj end up in the same team

“Your face is enough to disgust me, why are we in the same team?” Me sighed

“I was the one who did a mistake while dividing, consider me invisible and play, I will kill you if we lose ” Leo nagged

“Will you guys stop fighting and let us play” a boy in their team said and they started to play
“You are so bad at soccer ” Leo said while they were playing

“concentrate you fool” Mj said

“Don’t you think you are the real fool here ” Leo said and Mj stopped running after the ball

“I’m sure i clearly told you to mind your business ” He said and everyone stopped playing the ball and turned their attentions to the both of them

“It seems like Leo and Mj are about to fight again ” Sophia said and all the girls ran their too

Irene dragged Zoey back

“I thought Leo doesn’t talk to anyone, why is he about to start a fight with Mj? ” she asked and Zoey sighed

“Don’t even get me started, you know the both of them used to be friends but they suddenly changed for some reason no one knows about, They are like Fire and ice that must not meet, sometimes when they punch each other, they both end up in the hospital” Zoey said and Irene gasped

Mj and Leo stood glaring at each other

“I didn’t want to create a scene, you brought this upon yourself ” Leo said and Mj smirked

“As the best student, I believe your brain was supposed to be sharper than this, but I was wrong, you are having a huge problem with your brain ” Mj said and Leo snickered

“We have to stop them” Sage said

“If you fight with me, you will be the one in trouble, you are the celebrity and if the students record it, your life will be over was it gets out of media ” Leo said and Mj held back his anger a little

“if my life is over, then your family life is over too, have you forgotten that I feed you guys, without me, everyone in your family is useless ” Mj said and Leo punched him

“Who said you are the one feeding us, my family can do better without you , since we are one big family, we can do better ” Leo paused and looked at everyone

“But I won’t blame, it’s because your family is not in good terms, your mom is dead and your father doesn’t care about you ” Leo added

Upon hearing his mother, Mj gave Leo a punch in the face and he fell on the floor

“If you talk about my mom anyhow again, I won’t forgive you ” he said and Leo stood up too and punched him

The two of them started fighting really hard

Irene and other students stood with shock

“Both of you stop!! ” The P.E teacher Mr Ben yelled at them and they stopped


The principal and other teachers sat having a meeting

“I heard mj and Leo fought ” the principal asked Mr Ben

“Yes ”

“So how do you plan to deal with them ”

“We all know that they are both important to this school, mj is the reason why we have so many students and Leo is the best student of this school so we cannot suspend or expel them ” The French teacher said

“Then we should make them clean the school ” The English teacher said

“Mj is a celebrity , we will only ruin his reputation by telling him to clean the school” the maths teacher said

“I think I know what to do ” the principal smiled and they looked at her

“Locked the both of them in an empty class, do not give them food or drink for just five hours ” the principal said

“Principal, those two can never stay in a place together, at this rate, they will only end up killing themselves ” The P.E teacher said

“That’s why I gave them just five hours, don’t worry, they won’t kill themselves, they might only come out with a broken arm or Leg ” the principal said and smiled

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