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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6 💃💃💃💃💃

Written by divine purpose 😍😍😍✌️

🌸Author 🌸

Irene stood in the teachers room staring at the ground

“I can’t believe you Irene, you haven’t used a week in the school and you are already stealing” the teacher said

“It wasn’t me, this 200 dollars was my payment for my part time job ” she said and the teachers sighed

“The teachers will discuss this with the principal, but for now, your punishment is cleaning the library, You can Leave now ” The teacher said and she walked back to the class

When she entered, all eyes were on her

“Can you still come back to class after stealing? You are so shameless ” Sophia squealed

“Good job , Keep blabbing ” Irene said and sat down

“Are you okay? ” Zoey asked her and she nod

” I was told to clean the library for now, I don’t know my punishment yet, maybe I will be suspended ” she said

Sophia and Sage walked up to her and smiled

“You won’t be suspended instead you will be expelled ” sage giggled

“You guys are like two little witch, are you that jobless ” Irene said and they scoffed

“No, we are not jobless when it comes to dealing with thieves like you ” Sophia smirked

“Everyone quiet! ” Leo said on top of his voice and everyone became quiet

“I can’t hold this anymore ” Mj said and everyone looked at him

He stood up and moved closer to sage and Sophia

“Who lost 200 dollars among you guys? ” he asked

“It’s me ” Sage said with a smile

“Follow me ” Mj said and walked outside

“Wow, it’s looks like Mj is going to ask her out” Marcie, a student said and they all laughed

“I’m nervous, what do you think mj wants to tell me? ” Sage asked Sophia and she shrugged

“I don’t know ”

She walked outside the class and saw him standing in front of the cafeteria

“Mj, what do you want to say to me ” she said all friendly like and innocently

Mj brought out his wallet and brought out 200 dollars

He used the money to hit her head several times

“Take this money and stop harassing her ” he said still hitting her head with the money

“Why should I? She stole my money,why should I stop harassing her? ” Sage said, she was already in tears

“You are the only one who knows the truth, Go back to class and tell everyone ”

“Why are you taking her side? I thought you hate her ” she said and sniffed back her tears

“I’m not taking her side, I’m just telling you that what you did was wrong ” he said and threw the money at her

“Take this and get lost, you are more worse than i thought ” he said and walked away

Sage walked back to class with tears and everyone looked at her

“What’s wrong? What did Mj say to you? ” Sophia asked her

“Everyone the truth is that…. It wasn’t Irene that stole the money ” she said still crying and everyone started to murmur

“Really? Then who stole it? ” Jane, the vice president asked

“My money wasn’t stolen, I and Sophia lied against Irene ” she said and Sophia scoffed

“What in the world did Mj say to you, why are you spilling out everything ” she yelled at her

Irene turned to Mj seat but he wasn’t inside the class

She ran outside and saw him lying down on a bench in the school garden

“Why did you do it? ” she asked and he grinned

“Because I hate annoying things ” he said and she drag him up
“What are you doing? ” he jerked her hand away

“Is that really the reason? ”

“No , I did it so that you can keep your mouth shut about what you saw earlier ” he said and she scoffed

“What do you take me for? A running mouth? ” she said and he smiled

“I don’t have time to chat with Common folks, I have a lot to do ”

“I don’t need your help, let this be the first and the last, ” she said and he looked at her

“Do you know you are annoying sometimes? I helped you because I have no choice, of course, I won’t help you again ” he said and turned to leave

“Then don’t. Receiving help from people like you makes me uncomfortable ” she said and walked away

Mj also turned to leave but he bumped into Leo

He sighed and placed his hand on his forehead

“Seeing your face always make me wanna throw up ” he said and Leo glared at him

“you are really annoying” Leo said and he smiled

“Your face is the most annoying thing to me, I can’t believe I have to see it everyday ” he scoffed and Leo grab him by the collar of his cloth

” Listen up Mj, I’m going to say this once, Leave Irene alone, don’t help her, I’m going to take care of her myself ” he said and Mj smirked

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