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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 5

EPISODE 5 💃💃💃💃💃

Written by divine purpose 🥰🥰✌️✌️

🌸Author pov 🌸

“Everybody stop! ” he yelled and everyone became quiet

“What’s going on here?” he asked

“Sir, it’s a dare game, Irene was dared to kss mj ” Jane said

“You guys are so childish, you don’t want to study, the only you want to do is……. ” mj cut in before the teacher could continue what he was saying

“Are you going to teach us or not? ” he asked and walked to his seat


After school, Irene walked to the cafe she was working as a part timer

“Ma’am, when are you going to give me my pay, I have been working here for a month now ” she said to the owner of the cafe
The woman brought out money inside a white envelope and gave it to her

Irene took out the money and counted but it was not the pay they agreed on

“Ma’am, what is this? You said the pay was 350 dollars, but you gave me 200 dollars” she said and the woman stood up

“Why should I give you 350 dollars, customers are always complaining about you, I only gave you the job because you are an orphan, I didn’t know you could be so useless ” the woman said raising her voice

“Are you doing this to me because I’m a high school student ” she asked

“How dare you talk down to me, you are fired ” the woman yelled at her and dragged her outside

“Why are you doing this to me? “Irene yelled back and the owner threw the money at her

“Don’t you ever come back here, if you do, I will arrest you ” she said and walked back inside the cafe

With tears, Irene bent down and picked up the money

She was about to pick up the last note when someone picked it up for her

She looked up and saw Leo

“Hey, did you cry? ” he asked and she wiped her tears

“Who made you cry? I should teach them lesson ” he said and wanted to enter the cafe but Irene drag him back

“You will only make matter worse if you do that, I’m okay, don’t worry about me ” she said and walked away

“What happened between you and the owner? ” Leo asked as they both walked down the street

“Nothing much, I was given 200 dollars instead of 350 dollars” she said

She stopped walking and looked at him

“Thank you Leo ” she said and Leo arched his brow

“Why? ”

“You are the only one who care about me and you are always making me smile, you are my only friend ” she said and Leo smiled

“I will walk you home ” he said

“Don’t worry, I can get home myself ” she said and walked away

“She’s cute ” Leo said to himself

The next day…………….

Basketball class……

Irene sat in one corner of the class

She is so bad at sports but she enjoys watching

She looked around and noticed that mj was not in the class

“Why aren’t you playing? ” Leo asked and sat beside her

“She keeps on flirting with Leo ” Sage said to Sophia as they both stood watching

“I hate her already ” Sophia said

“Hey Sophia, Let’s do something fun ” sage said and they both giggled

“Leo, I think I’m thirsty, I will be back after drinking water ” Irene said and walked out of the class

Mj sat in the school garden reading the Script for his drama

He brought out his drugs and took it with water then he continued to read the script

He turned and saw a cute little cat sitting a little far away from him

He dropped the script and drug and went to the cat

Irene walked to the garden with a bottle of water and sat on a chair

She looked beside her and saw some drugs on the chair

“This must be for someone ” she said and picked it up

The names of the drug were somehow strange to her

“Potassium and magnesium, profolis, what is this drug for ? ” she asked herself

Then she suddenly gasped with shock

“Heart…. .disease? ” she said with shock

She looked beside her and saw a script

“Script? The only actor we have in this school is.. …” she dropped both the script and drugs with shock

“What do you think you are doing? ” Mj said and picked up the drugs, he quickly put it inside his bag

“You… ..have .
…” She blabbed and Mj covered her mouth

“You didn’t see anything today, keep your mouth shut. ………..Forever ” he whispered in her ears and removed his hand from her mouth

He walked away but Irene was still in shock

After some time, she walked back to class and noticed that all eyes were on her

“What’s wrong? ” she asked Zoey

“Irene, Sage lost 200 dollars in her wallet and everyone is suspecting you right now ” Zoey replied

“Why are they suspecting me? ” she asked and Sophia moved to her with a smirk on her face

“Irene and mj were the ones who were not in the basketball class, and we all know that Mj is the richest actor in this country so he won’t stoop so low to steal 200 dollars however, Irene is an orphan who finds it hard to feed herself, Who could have stolen this money if not you Irene ” Sophia said and I scoffed

“Are you making me a thief right now? ” she asked and the P .E teacher entered

“What’s going on? ” he asked

“Sage 200 dollars is gone and everyone is suspecting Irene ” Jane said

“It wasn’t me ” Irene said

“Just admit it, you have so many evidence against you ” Sophia said

“Irene, put your bag on the table ” the teacher said and searched her bag

He brought out a envelope from the bag and the money in was exactly 200 dollars

“Irene, I thought it was not you ” the teacher said and she stood up

“That was her pay for her part time job ” Leo said

“That’s right sir, it was my payment ”

“Where were you during the class? ” the teacher asked and she looked at Mj

“I was with Mj ” she said everyone started to murmur

“There is no way Mj will hang out with someone like you ” sage said and they all looked at mj

“Mj, was she really with you? ” the teacher said and he stood up

“She was not with me ” he said and walked out of the class

“You heard that, come with me ” the teacher said and drag her with him

I will kill you 😡😡😠😠😠😾😾

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