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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4 💃💃💃💃

Written by divine purpose 😍😍🥰✌️

🌷Irene 🌷

We both walked down the Street but I still wondered how he knew my house

“I’m sorry if I surprised you” he said and I looked at him

“It’s okay, but how did you know where I live? ” I asked

” I have been following you after your part time job was over ” he said

“Do you have something to say to me?” I asked and he stopped walking

” No….I was just feeling bored at home” he said and I nod

We both sat on a bench
“Zoey told me you are quite close with Mj” I said and he scoffed

“Mj used to my best friend ” he said and I gasped

“Best friend? ”

“Yes, but after his mother’s death, he suddenly turned to a monster” he said and I sighed

“I suddenly feel bad for him, but why did you stop being friends? You should have stayed with him after his mother’s death”

” I couldn’t stand the Way he treated my dad, it was so annoying and embarrassing, I can’t be friends with someone who treats my dad like That” he said and I couldn’t say anything for a while

I stood up and smiled

“it’s so cold this night, you should go home, cheer up Leo ” I said and turned to leave but he suddenly grab my hand

“Wait a minute ” he said and took of his jacket and covered me with it

“Thank you for chatting with me this night” he said and smiled

“You can return my jacket later ” he said and walked away

I walked back home and took of his jacket

You are the only one who is nice to me in that school

The next day, I walked to my seat and sat down when two girls, Sophia and Sage walked up to my seat and sat on my table

“Hey New student, I saw you with Leo yesterday night, what was that all about ” Sophia said and I sighed

” I don’t have time for this, can you please go” I said and they smirked

The other one, sage move closer to me

“you had better not flirt with my Leo, I will make your life hell if you do so ” she said and they both sashayed away

What’s wrong with everyone in this school

🌸MJ 🌸

I walked to the cafeteria and sat alone on a table eating my food

“Aren’t you bored the way you are alone? ” Manager tim asked and sat opposite me

“Who said you can sit down, stand up ” I said with a command tone and he sighed before standing up

“Mj, will you let me sit at least for a minute, I have been working all day ” he said and I looked at him

“You don’t look someone who has been working ” I said and continue eating

I looked up and saw the new student coming with her food

I smiled and placed my leg on the way

However, I was happy when she fell down with her food

“You did that intentionally right? ” she half yelled and I looked at her all innocently

“What are you talking about? ” I asked and she scoffed

“You are really annoying……” she stood up and dusted her clothes

“Apologize ” she said and everyone turned their attention to us

“Are you kidding ” I chuckled

“Do I look like someone who is kidding right now! You are always ruining my things, I haven’t seen my necklace ever since you threw it inside the pool!” she yelled at me

” I can’t blame you, it’s because you are comfortable, you have never lost something precious to you ” she said and walked out of the cafeteria

I stared into the air for a long time

I lost something precious to me

My mom

I looked up and saw Leo

“It’s seems like you have someone to shut you down ” he said and walked away

💖Irene 💖

After lunch, I was in the classroom when Jane, the class vice president walked up to me

“Irene, do you wanna play a dare game?” she asked and I shook my head

“No thanks”

“You are the only one refusing, everyone are waiting for you ” she said and pointed to the girls in our class

“You See. You are the only one who is not there yet ” she said and dragged me among those girls

“Okay so let’s start the dare game ” Sage said and spined the bottle

She was going to dare Zoey

“I dare you to be my errand girl for two hours ” she said and everyone started to laugh

“Why should I? ” Zoey whined and spined the bottle

It turned out she was going to dare me

“Hm, Irene I dare you……… Kss the first guy that will open that door ” she said and everyone became silent waiting patiently for the first guy to open the door

I could feel my heart beating very fast

The knob twisted and…..

You won’t believe who entered

“Mj? ” Zeoy said with shock

“guys, you know games like this are not meant for high school students ” I said and wanted to stand up but Jane pinned me back

“Where do you think you are going? You have to kss him ” she whispered and I sighed with frustration

“Mj and Irene kss!!! ” Zoey yelled out loud and mj looked at me

“Kss? ” he muttered

“Kss! Kss! Kss! Kss! Kss! Kss ” the students started to chorus

Why does it have to be you crazy ba$tard!

I’m d©©med 😩😩😩😩😩

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