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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2 💃💃💃💃💃

Written by divine purpose 😍😍✌️💖

🌸Irene 🌸

We glared at each other for some minutes before he walked out of the class angrily

Everyone started to murmur and I walked back to my seat

“Who does she think she is? ” a student said

“We have been in the same class with Mj for a year now and no one ever complained about his behaviour, how dare she misbehave on her first day ” said another student

I just pretend I didn’t hear a word they were saying

“Irene, have you completely gone crazy?” Zoey whispered

“Why is everyone taking that jerk side? I just saved their face ” I shrugged and she sighed

“You didn’t save anyone, you brought more problem upon yourself, Mj has power to do anything in this school, what are you going to do now! ” she yelled and walked out of the class

I looked around and saw everyone glaring at me


I stood up from the seat and made my way outside but I bumped into the class president

“I’m sorry ” I said and turned to go but he stopped me

“Where are you going? ”

“I was on my way to the library” I replied

“Let’s go together, you don’t even know the way to the library ” he said and I smiled

“You did great ” he said on our way to the library together and I looked at him

” I loved how you confronted Mj, this isn’t the first time he was harassing my fath…….” he paused and I looked at him with shock

“What? His manager is your father? ” I yelled out with shock and he covered my mouth

“Keep it a secret, I don’t want anyone to know that my father is Mj’s manager, it will be embarrassing” he said and I placed my hand on my forehead

“G©sh……that crazy ba$tard…….how can he treat your dad like that if he knows he is your father ” I said and the bell rang

“In this school…… Minding your business is the best thing to do” he said and my mouth dropped

“Pardon? ”

“Seeing you today, you look like someone who is Nosy, but…..don’t be like that in this school, getting in trouble with Mj is something you won’t be able to hold, He can make your school life hell ” he said and walked away

“What’s wrong with everyone of you in this school?…. I can’t believe that Mj or whatever is your god ” I yelled out with frustration

🌷MJ 🌷

“It’s time to take your medicine Mj” Manager Tim called as he entered my room with a tray , My medicine and a cup of water on it

I have Heart disease from Birth and there is every possibility that I Could die anytime

The medicine is just to help for some years

“Leave” I said busy with my phone but he just stood starring at me

“I said Leave, are you deaf! ” I yelled and he dropped the tray on my table

“I was Embarrassed in front of the whole class today because of you! ” I yelled at him again

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, please take your drugs ” he said and his phone started to ring

“Hello? Now? Okay? ” he said and hanged up

“Who is it? ” I asked

“It’s The CEO, he wants to meet you now “.


I entered the CEO’S office and met the director of the movie i was told about

“what is it this time? ” I sat down and took of my sunglasses

“Actually, Mj, I heard you declined the offer Starring in this drama, they are willing to pay you handsomely ” The Ceo said and I folded my arms

“Why me? I mean there are so many Actors who are willing to do this drama with just little payment ” I said

“Right now, you are the most well known and the most popular Actor in this country, Using You will not only bring more money to you but it will be a boom around the world and it will be more money for your CEO and we the Crews of this drama ” the director explained and I scoffed

“So indirectly, you are using me to make me money ” I said

“No…….that’s not what I meant ” he waved his hand

“So?………. How much are you going to pay me? ” I asked

“How about 12 million dollars ” he said and I stood up

“No thanks, ask other Cheap actors, manager Tim, let’s go ” I said and turned to leave

“Then how about 40 million dollars? ” he asked

“I said No! ” I half yelled

“How about 350 million dollars? ” he asked and I went back to where I was sitting

“When is the first shooting? ”
That’s me

I love money a lot

According to everyone, I am the most Richest Actor in the country

Because I charge them a lot of money before agreeing to be in their drama

🌺Irene 🌺

Second day in school……

Swimming class…..

Zoey and I stood at the edge of the pool doing some stretches , since we both can’t swim

“You had better stay out of MJ’s sight” she said and I scoffed

“But what is his real name? You guys kept on calling him Mj ” I asked

“His name is Max Javier, cute name right? ” she giggled

“Hey squirrel ” I heard his voice and saw him behind me

“Why don’t you just leave the swimming class, you are not permitted to enter ” he said and I couldn’t help but laugh

“Max Javier, the most popular and Richest actor in this country, what are you doing in the swimming Class? ” I asked and he scoffed

“That’s because I’m a student here ” he said and I nod

“Same goes for me, I’m a student of this school and I don’t need anyone permission before coming to class ” I said and everyone started whispering to each other

“But why are you so mad at me because I corrected you? How would you feel when someone harasses something precious to you ” I said and he grinned

“Are you saying my manager is precious to you? ” he asked and I shook my head

“Nope, but he is precious to someone ” I said and looked at Leo

“Is that right? ” he asked and I saw him staring at my necklace

“I guess this necklace is precious to you ” he smirked and held it

“Let go of it ” I said and tried to jerk his hand away but he removed it

“Give it back ” I yelled

He threw it inside the pool and looked at me

“oh, my bad, your necklace fell inside the pool ” he said shrugged

“My necklace ” I called as tears gathered in my eyes

“Do you know what this necklace means to me? ” I asked as tears dripped from my eyes

He moved closer to me and smiled

” I will make your school life unbearable ” he said and pushed me inside the pool

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