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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 13

Episode 13 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️🌺

The next day……….

Irene walked to the class but she noticed some girls were crying

She walked to her seat and saw Zoey also crying

“What’s wrong with you guys?” She asked and Zoey wiped her tears

“How could he do this to me, it’s all over Social medias that Mj’s first love is back ” She said and burst into tears again

“Everyday, we do meet in my dream but he never told me he had a first love, how could he do this to me “She said crying out loud

Irene sighed and looked at the people who were crying

“I’m surrounded by Lunatics ” She said and walked out of the class

She walked to the rooftop and sat there

“Why do i feel jealous too? Mj will be my step brother anyway ” She said and stared at the sky

“He is going to be your step brother? ” She heard Leo’s voice behind

“Ugh? ”

“I heard you say that just now ” Leo said

“oh………….. Yes ” She said and Leo sat beside her

“Your mom is going to get married to his father? ” he asked and she nod

“Why do you look sad about that? ” he asked

“I’m not sad, who said I’m sad? ”

“It’s written all over your face, I’m glad Riele won’t be staying at Mj’s house ” Leo smiled

“I heard she was your first love too ” Irene said and his smile disappeared

“I’m sorry for bringing that up ” She said and Leo looked at her

“I have something to tell you, actually I…….. ” the bell suddenly rang and Irene stood up

“We have to get to class before the French teacher, you know how scattered brain she is ” she said and they both ran to class

Mj sat on the couch waiting for Irene and Leo

The truth is that he was hungry but he doesn’t know how to cook

“What’s taking them so long? ” he said and checked the wall clock

After waiting for some minutes more, he decided to the cooking himself

He walked to the kitchen and brought out all the ingredients

“How do i fry chicken? ” he asked scratching the back of his head

He unlocked his phone and asked the google

“What is this? Frying chicken is so easy, why can’t I do it? ” he muttered and took the knife, he was about to slice the chicken when Irene entered

“Where have you been?!” he yelled at her

“What? Were you waiting for me? ” she asked and moved closer to him

“I’ve never seen you inside the kitchen before, what’s your deal? You don’t even know how to cook” she said and Mj shot her a glare

“Who said I can’t cook” he yelled and Irene gave him a crazy look

“If you can cook then proof it ” she yelled back at him

“I…….. I………will proof it, don’t worry ” he stammered and Irene smiled

“Now get out! I’m holding a kn1fe ” he said
“Okay, I will leave before you stab me ” she said and turned to go

“One more thing ” Mj said and she stopped

“what? ”

“Why are you always smiling and laughing when you are with Leo?” he asked and she sighed

“I’m not sure too, When I’m with Leo, I’m always happy , do you think Leo and I are meant to be? ” She said and Mj hit the knife on the table

“I told you I’m holding a knife ” he said and she smiled before walking out

“Meant to be my foot, she won’t stop saying nonsense ” he grumbled and wanted to fry the chicken but he forgot the steps

“You made me forget!! ” he yelled after her

Leo and Ella were walking back home when a car stopped in front of them and Riele came down

“it’s been a while Ella” she smiled and looked at Leo but he looked elsewhere

“What are you doing here? ” Ella asked her

“can you excuse us, I have something to say to Leo ” She said and Ella hesitated

“Leave, I will see you at home ” Leo said and Ella nod before leaving

“You haven’t change a bit” she said and Leo scoffed

“Why exactly are you here? I know you Riele, you don’t things without a reason ” Leo said and she grinned

“I’m glad you know me Leo, I’m here for a purpose ” She said and Leo arched his brow

“Why? Are you going to date Mj and run away again? ” he asked and she smiled

“No, I’m not going to date Mj and run away instead I’m going to stay with him forever, Mj was mine to begin with ” She said and Leo smirked

“You are still Reckless”

“I’m here to reveal the truth behind Mj’s mother’s death ” she said and Leo stumbled back

“What? ”

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