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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎✌️

Irene sat in the classroom writing in her notepad

“Irene, are you really Mj’s manager now? ” Zoey asked and she nod

“Why? I mean the first time you refused like you will never be his manager, why did you change your mind? ” Zoey asked her and she stopped writing

“There is something I must do ” she said and Zoey gave her a suspicious look

“So you are living together now? ”

“yes, address me formally from now on, I’m your crush manager” She teased and Zoey shook her head

“He is so cute ” Sophia said staring at something through the window and it caught everyone’s attention

“What are you staring at Sophia? ” Sage said as they all gathered in the window too

One could see the girls were in love

” What are they looking at ” Irene muttered to herself and Went there too

It turned out that they were looking at Mj who was asleep in the garden

“Is he crazy? Why does he fall asleep anywhere” She yelled and everyone looked at her

“Why? I love looking at him when he is asleep” Zoey gushed and she shook her head

She walked out of the classroom and went to the library but she bumped into Leo

“What are you doing here? ” she asked him

“I came to return some books ” Leo said and looked around

“Let’s chat somewhere else, this is a library ” he said


They both walked outside the library

“Why do you insist on staying at Mj’s house? I mean, you can be his manager without living with him ” Leo said and Irene looked at him

“There is something I must do about you two” she paused and stopped walking

“Tell me, I heard you guys used to be best friends, why do you guys suddenly become enemies ?” she asked but Leo kept quiet

“Aren’t you going to tell me? ” She asked and Leo checked his wristwatch

“I’m sorry but I think I should leave now ” he said and walked away

“What in the world are they hiding? ” Irene thought to herself

She walked to the garden where mj was but he was still asleep

She folded her arms and shook her head

“As your manager, I won’t let you fall asleep anywhere ” she said and tapped him several times before he finally opened his eyes , when he knew it was Irene, he closed back his eyes

“Hey, wake up now ” Irene said and tapped him again

“What is it? Let me sleep ” he murmured

“You missed 2 classes, Are you that careless? ” Irene said and tapped him again

“I couldn’t go home until 2:00 am yesterday because I was busy in the shooting location ” he said

“it will soon be time for shooting the drama, aren’t you going to prepare ” Irene said and he opened one eye

“Why are you my manager?” he asked and closed back his eyes and Irene folded her arms

“You are such a pain, why did I become your manager in the first place ” she said and walked away

After school, Leo was on his way home when Irene ran to him

“Where are you going? ” she asked him

“Home ”

“You can’t go home yet, you still have to stay in Mj’s house for a while, go with Ella, I have to follow Mj to the location ” she smiled and ran back to Mj who was waiting in the car

“Why are you always with him? ” Leo thought to himself


Leo sat on the couch in Mj’s house checking the wall clock everytime

“How long will he shoot that drama? This is the 3rd month and I hardly see Irene ” he said walking up and down

The door opened and Mj entered

“Why are you just coming? ” he half yelled and Mj stared at him for a while

“Were you worried about me? But why? ” he asked and Leo scoffed

“I was worried about Irene not you ” he said and Irene entered with so many bags that she could barely carry on her own

“Take it to my room ” Mj said and looked at Leo again

“Why are you still at my house? ” he asked him

“That’s because I told him not to leave ” Irene giggled and walked upstairs

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m staying here against my wish too ” Leo said and walked to the room he was given

Mj walked to his room and Irene was arranging his room

“I’m your manager not your maid, I won’t clean up your room next time” she said and was about to leave but Mj stood in the way

” What are you doing? ” Irene asked and he switched off the lights

“I’m bored and I want to do something fun ” he said and pinned her to the bed

“What are you doing? If someone enters, they might get the wrong idea ” Irene gulped and he moved his head more closer

“What are you trying to do? Why are you doing this? ” She said but she could feel her cheek burning up

“Why? Because it’s dark here and I can do anything i want cause it’s dark ” he smirked

“You are such a per.vert” Irene said and wanted to stand but she was pinned back to the bed again
The door opened and Leo switched on the lights but he was disappointed when he met them in that position

Irene pushed Mj away and ran outside

“What did you do to Irene?” Leo asked and Mj scoffed

“Why are you so curious? Don’t tell me you are interested in her ” Mj said and Leo pulled him up with the collar of his shirt

“Don’t start a game with me Mj, don’t even think about having feelings for Irene ” he said and Mj smiled

“I never said i have feelings for her ” he said and Leo strangled his neck

“I won’t let you take Irene away from me just like you did to Riele” He said and Mj grabbed punched him

“If you say a word about Riele again, I won’t forgive you ” He said and Leo smirked

“And if you try to do something funny with Irene, you will realize how dangerous i am Max Javier ” Leo grinned and walked outside the room

Tears gathered in the Mj’s eyes when he recalled Riele, his first love

The next day, Mj and Irene were about to leave the shooting location and they both stood at the car arguing

“Open the car door, you are my manager ” Mj said and Irene scoffed

“I’m your manager not your bodyguard ,why should I be the one to open the door for you ” Irene said and they heard someone calling Mj

They turned and Mj was surprised to see his first love, Riele running to him with so many Reporters

“Riele? ” he said still in shock

Riele ran to him and hugged him

“Mj, I’m back now ” she said and tears gathered in his eyes

“Riele” he called and tears dripped from his eyes as the reporters were taking pictures

Irene just stared at them and she felt herself getting jealous

“I miss you ” Mj said with tears and Irene walked away from there

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