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Love From High School – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🌸🌸🥰✌️

“What?!! Your mom is Mj’s step mother?! ” Zoey yelled and Irene covered her mouth

“Your voice is so loud ” she whispered

“she’s not yet his step mother but they will soon be married ” Irene said

“Then mj will be your step brother once they get married ” Zoey gasped with shock

“Yeah ”

“But why do you look so unhappy about that? You should be happy, you will soon become the most richest actor sister ” Zoey said and Irene sighed

“My mother abandoned me to get married to a rich man, do you think i will accept their marriage? ” She said and Zoey shook her head
“Your opinion doesn’t matter, it’s only Mj’s opinion that matters here, once he gives them the permission to marry, you are done for” Zoey squealed

“Do you think Mj will accept the marriage too? ”

“I’m not sure, that guy is really strange ” Zoey said and continued what she was doing


Irene sat in the class solving some questions when Leo walked up to her

“Did you accept his request to be his manager ” he asked and she looked at him

“No ”

“Why? ”

“What of your dad? He fired your dad to make me his manager ” she said and he smiled

“Thanks ” He said

“For what? ”

“for being worried about me ” He said and Irene smiled too

“Look at her flirting with my Leo ” Sage clenched her fist

“It’s a good thing, as long as she doesn’t go near Mj ” Sophia said and Jane looked at them

“I heard Mj’s cousin will be resuming to our school ” Jane said and everyone gasped

The teacher entered and Ella followed him

“Everyone, meet your new friend, Ella” the teacher said and since she was Mj’s cousin, everyone smiled at her

“Nice to meet you all, I’m Ella, and I love making new friends ” she said and smiled

Her smile made some boys lose their mind for a while

“She’s pretty ” a boy said

“I know right? Her smile is so cute, I am already loving her ” another boy said and the teacher looked around for a place for her to sit

“There is an empty seat beside Leo, go and seat there ” the teacher said and she walked to the seat

“Hi, I’m Ella, Mj’s cousin, nice to meet you ” Ella said to Leo

“Nice to meet you too ” Leo said and she smiled


After school, Irene was on her way to her part time job when she met Leo’s father which was Mj’s manager

“Hi ” she said and bowed
“Why are you here? ” she asked

“I’m here to ask for a favor ” He said and moved closer to Irene

“What favor? ” Irene asked

“Please become Mj’s manager ” he said and her eyes widened

“What? ”

“When I was his manager, I wanted to make both him and Leo friend again but I couldn’t” he paused for a while

“That’s why I want you to do it, make them friends again no matter what ” he said and Irene nod

“If that’s your wish ” she said


mj sat on the couch when the door bell rang

He walked there and opened the door, however, he was shocked to see Irene at the door and Leo behind her

“What are you doing here? ” he asked Leo

“Do you think i wanted to come here too ” Leo shot back at him and they entered the house

“I changed my mind, I will be your manager ” Irene said

“However, I won’t be able to go home today and Leo too, we won’t be able to go home cos its already late ” she said and showed them the time

“I can’t sleep under the same roof with this $¢umbag ” Mj said and Leo smirked

“Do you think i would sleep here too ” he said and Irene sighed with frustration

“They are both a pain on the neck ” she thought to herself

“So you guys don’t want to sleep together this night? ” she asked and they both nod

“Get out. This is my house ” Mj said pushing Leo outside but Irene stopped them

“Let’s take a bet, you guys will have to play a game and the first person to collapse will have to leave this house this night ” Irene said and mj scoffed

“This is my house ” he said

“That doesn’t matter right now, are you playing or not? ” she asked them and they both glared at each other

“I am in ” Leo said

“Me too ” Mj said and Irene smiled

She walked to the fridge and brought out 8 bottles of Liquor then she gave them 4 each

“You guys must finish this bottles but the first person to collapse will have to leave the house” she said and they stared at the Liquors

“Okay ” they both chorused and started drinking

“You are both dead today ” Irene thought and smiled to herself




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