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Love From High School – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 15]





This story is dedicated to all those who love my stories

🌺Irene 🌺

The sound of my annoying alarm woke me up as i opened one eye to look at the wall clock

“I’m late! ” I yelled and ran to the bathroom

I am transferring to another high school today

I dressed up and put on my necklace

The necklace was the last thing my father gave to me before he was sentenced to prison

As an orphan, I have been living alone for a while

I kssed the pictures of my parents and smiled

“Mom, even though you abandoned me, I wish you happiness ” I carried my bag and walked outside the house but I bumped into the landlady

“ma’am, good morning” I smiled and turned to leave but she stopped me

“Irene, when are you going to pay for the three months rent you are owing ?” she asked

“I’m sorry, I promise to pay , I will work harder and pay you ” I said and she sighed

“You said the same thing last month and the month before, how much longer do I have to wait, if you are not going to pay just move out! You are not the only tenant! ” she yelled and walked inside her house which was opposite mine

I sighed and stared into the air for some time before coming back to my senses

“I’m late! ” I yelled and ran to the bus stop


I walked to the principal’s office but she was with some teachers

“Excuse me ” I knocked and entered

“Are you the new student? ” she asked and checked her wristwatch

“Late on your first day?” she glared at me

“I apologize ” I slightly bow

“Here is the map to your class and also your name tag ” she handed it to me

I collected it and used the map to trace my class

After walking around for like forever, I finally got there

Class 205?

I twisted the knob and entered, all eyes were on me

“Who are you? ” a student asked

“What an annoying question ” I said and walked to an empty seat beside a girl in the middle of the class

“Hi, I’m Irene ” I smiled at her

“I’m Zoey ” she said without looking at me

Her gazed was fixed on a guy’s Picture
I could tell she was madly in love

“Call me Big sis ” she said and I smiled

“Who is the guy in the picture? ” I asked

“It’s Mj” she replied

“Who is Mj? ” I asked and she glared at me

“What did you just say?”

“I said who is Mj? ” I asked again and she gave me a crazy look

“Who in the world are you? You don’t know Mj? Are you in this country at all? You are really annoying ” she said and took out her books

Who in the world is Mj?

“You are a new student right? My name is Leo and I’m the class president ” A boy said and gave me his hand for handshake

“I’m Irene ,Nice to meet you ” I replied and we Handshaked

“If you having any difficulties in school, come to me, I will help you ” he said and walked to his seat

I turned to see the girl beside me starring suspiciously

“It’s so strange, Leo doesn’t talk to anyone, what’s going on? ” she narrowed her eyes at me

“Can you show me the way to the restroom ?” I asked her and we both walked to the restroom

“I think I have seen you somewhere before ” she said starring at my face

“You could have seen me anywhere ” I said and she snapped her finger

“Ah… You are the badass everyone do talk about , but….. What are you doing in this school? Did you follow Mj here? ” she asked and I arched my brow

“I didn’t follow anyone and besides who is Mj? ” I asked and she stopped walking

“Mj is an idol and he Attend this school, he is even in the same class with us ” she blushed

“Because of him, people are transferring to this school, he is so hot and handsome, but he is very rude ” she said and we heard a large crash in the class

“What’s going on? ” I asked as we both ran to the class

“Oh no, Not again ” Zoey said and I looked at her as if to say what’s wrong

“It’s Mj, he is always harsh on his manager, Although he has been his manager for 5 years, Mj always take out his anger on that poor manager ” she explained and I saw a boy putting on the uniform

He didn’t button up his shirt and had earrings on his ear and rings in his fingers

That was obviously Mj

I turned and saw another man in his 30’s lying on the floor

That was his manager

“I told you I’m busy these days, how dare you tell me to star in an upcoming drama ” he yelled at the manager

“The director told me to ask you if you are interested, and our CEO told me to ask you too ” the manager said shivering
“I’m declining it! ” he yelled and I scoffed

Rude indeed

“Is he an actor? ” I asked Zoey and she nod

“He sings too ” she said
I walked to the manager who was lying on the floor and helped him stand on his feet

“Irene , what are you doing? ” Zoey asked but I ignored her

“You! ” I pointed at MJ or whatever his name maybe ,all eyes were on me

“Hey, Squirrel, have never seen you before, who are you? ” he asked with a smirk

“If you were going to reject an offer to stare in a drama, you could have rejected with your common sense ” I said and everyone gasped

“Are you saying I’m short of sense? ” he asked and I folded my arms

“Yes. This man is old enough to be a father to you, judging from your appearance you are just 19 , how would you feel if you see a silly rat beating up your father like this ? ” I said and he laughed

“Look here squirrel, He is my manager not yours, I can do whatever I want with him and pay him later ” he said and I scoffed

“Is money everything to you? If he lose his life, will you pay his family? ” I asked and he stood up

“Do you know who is before you ” he asked and I glared at him

“No i don’t, I don’t care who you are, I will say the truth ”

He stared at me for a while before turning to leave

“Stop right there! ” I said and he stopped

“What did you just say? ”

“Apologize to him ” I pointed at the manager

“No, I’m fine ” the manager said

“Why should I? ” he narrowed his eyes

“I don’t have time to talk to you Squirrel but if this is a way to get my attention then you won ” he said and turned to go but i stopped him again

“My name is not squirrel fool ” I said and everyone gasped again

“Who cares about your name ”

“Just like i have seen, you are a Crazy ba$tard ” I shot him a deadly glare

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