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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 8

The tension became calm when they realised that it was not a
supposed intruder that barged into the house but Aunty Bimbo.

The music had since bounced back to normal.

The Dj was a potential marijuana smoker, he always smoked
about three full hemp of weed whenever he was going to a show,
if he didn’t smoke then he’s tipsy, and sometimes it’s the
combination of both. That way, he always high the music to the
fullest because he was high.

He had no pity for the speakers as they begged for their lives.

The music was blasting hysterically loud. Dj thunder had lost his
mind, suddenly he played “knack you akpako” by terry g and the
whole crowd went wild. The Dj was not left out as he joined in
the groove, he began to swing his dreadlocks.

“where is my food?” Dj thunder barked asking no one in

Moments later, Tina brought him a plate of fried rice ganished
with chicken lap and a bottle of 1759.

Tina is a secondary school girl who is fifteen years old. She is
Emeka’s neighbour and had volunteered to distribute the food.

Everything seemed to be pre-planned without Emeka’s

“give me the food jor!, all of una dey chop una nor sabi say Dj
dey eat abi! Your FADA!!!” Dj thunder said as he collected the
food from Tina with force.

Tina did not bother to retaliate unless she wanted to receive an
heavenly slap, she knew he was drunk.

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Meanwhile emeka’s parents had excused themselves outside, the
music was too loud for them to bear. They were both eating
outside while the fun went on.

Aunty Bimbo had since stolen the show, who says she is not an
intruder afterall. She was doing what she knew her to do best.

Everyone seemed to concentrate on her thereby ignoring the
celebrant. Emeka was not bothered as he sat at one extreme
eating. Aunty Bimbo was getting tired of all the attention. That
was not her motive of going there. She then came up with a plan.
She went to where the Dj was and turned down the volume of the
speakers totally, she collected the microphone from the Dj and

“Do you people want to see the celebrant dance?” the whole
crowd roared in approval.

Emeka was suprised, he was a good dancer but his shyness
never made him danced in public. Aunty Bimbo lips curved into a
smile as her plan was falling into shape. Emeka had no choice
as he stood up and made to the dance floor. He started dancing
like a baby begging for biscuit. It was a funny sight to behold as
the crowd started laughing and clapping.
Aunty Bimbo was not impressed as she yelled “Dj play your
waist by iyanyan” The music was on and Aunty Bimbo joined
Emeka on the dance floor. She was twerking on Emeka’s d’ick.
Emeka quickly said a silent prayer, he never saw that coming. He
knew he needed to play along unless he wanted to ruin his own
party. It soon turned into a lap dance and then b’oobs dance.

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The drama was becoming e’rotic, it felt like a scene i saw in a
p’orn video.

The Dj who was drunk was getting infuriated, the bulge in his
trouser was killing him. He felt Emeka was too young to be
enjoying things meant for bigger boys while he stood there
looking. He quickly put the music on replay and went to join
them on the stage. He thought Aunty Bimbo was cheap because
she was dancing erotically with a small birthday boy but he was

Emeka was at the back dancing with her while the Dj went to the
front. He didn’t come to dance, he came to play. He was rocking
Aunty Bimbo from the front which made her uneasy, as if that
was not enough he grabbed her two b’oobs and started caressing
it. Aunty Bimbo was pissed as she landed him a thunderous
slap. The Dj was outraged, no woman had ever slapped him
before. They soon engaged in a one-on-one fistcuts and the
crowd went wild.

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Emeka’s parents noticed something was wrong and they rushed
back inside. They separated the fued and when they realised
what transpired, they asked the Dj to apologized to Aunty Bimbo.

The pervert was still forming Macho man untill Emeka’s father
threatened to get him arrested for sexually assaulting a lady.

He later realized his wrong and apologized while they paid his his

The party was called off and everyone was asked to go to their
various homes. Emeka felt embarrased as he became
downcasted. Aunty Bimbo went to meet him.

“i’m sorry for ruining your party, i never planned to react that
way” she apologized.

“it’s okay, i am not angry” emeka said.
“alright, now guess what?” she blurted.
“hmmm…i’m not good at guessing” emeka lamented.
“well i have a birthday present for you, it’s at my house, i forgot
to come with it.” Aunty Bimbo explained.
“Really!” emeka exclaimed.

Yeah, just come to my house to collect it this evening, i’ll be
around by that time” she narrated.


05:30pm. Emeka got to Aunty Bimbo’s home and knocked, she
opened the door instantly. Emeka greeted and stepped inside her
room. Aunty Bimbo smiled then padlock the door. She turned to
Emeka, threw the key into her bra, and…..

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