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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 62 [Completed]

Immediately after the bus hit Emeka the brake was magically
restored and the bus came to a halt, the driver was lucky
because people were not passing the street at that time if not he
would have been lynched to death. He was frightened as he
limped out of the bus and rushed towards Emeka who was lying
helplessly on the ground, he was shaking his feet like an epiletic
patient and his fist were also shaking as if he was possessed by
an evil spirit. Blood did not stopped gushing out profusely from
his mouth as the driver fearfully grabbed him to his shoulder and
headed back to the bus, the driver placed him on the back seat
and zoomed off to the school clinic.

He drove into the hospital compound with commando style and
screamed on top his voice for the nurses and intern to bring a
stretcher, seconds later about five nurses ran towards him with
the stretcher and placed Emeka on top while they took him into a
theatre. The male driver who should be in his early 40s was
covered in blood as he was clad in plain white shirt, he was a
father who also had children of his own so he didn’t run away
when the accident occured.

After they were done reading Chinedu bade Favour farewell and
headed back to Five star lodge, he got home and discovered that
the door was ajar but Emeka’s shoes was not on the corridor
which was somehow unusual because they usually lock the door
whenever they were going out as a result of crime which was
rampant in the school, Chinedu then tiptoed inside and saw a
figure lying on the floor, he went closer and recognised the
person as Sandra.

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Millions of thought flashed through his mind as he woke her
endlessly but she refused to respond, he knew something was
definately wrong so he sprinted out of the room and went to call
some neighbours, one of the neighbours who was a medical
student did a check on her and discovered that she was alive but
in a critical condition so he suggested they take her to the school

Meanwhile, In the clinic, the doctor had done a series of test on
Emeka but his condition was very severe so the doctor
recommended they transfer him to the Central hospital in the
outskirt of the city.

“Doc. Doc. Doctor, how is he?” The driver asked with fidgety on
seeing them bring out Emeka.
“I’m afraid his condition is beyond our power. You have to take
him to the central hospital.” The doctor lamented.

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“Will he be okay?” The driver asked with fear.
“That i cannot tell. Goodbye.” The doctor said and left shaking
his head in pity.
The nurses proceeded to push the stretcher Emeka la!d on to the
bus, just then a bike carrying Chinedu, Sandra and two other
guys rode into the compound of the clinic, they alighted and
carried Sandra into the clinic then Chinedu saw Emeka being
pushed out on a stretcher, his heart skipped ten beats in a
second as he didn’t know what was happening. Chinedu asked
the other guys to take Sandra inside then ran to meet Emeka, he
bursted into tears when he saw his predicament, he told the
driver that Emeka was his brother and they all jumped into the
bus and zoomed off.
They got to central hospital and Emeka was placed on a sick bed
with seven drips fixed to different parts of his body, the doctor
told them that Emeka broke twelve ribs and he was in coma and
heart attack. Chinedu called Emeka’s parents on phone and told
them what was happening while they rushed there in the speed of
light, immediately his mother saw his conditon she fainted and
was also admitted in the same room with her only son. The
doctor did a test on her and discovered that she was two weeks
pregnant, a scan revealed that she was expecting a baby boy.
His father was in great shock as he ordered for the driver to be
arrested. Ada and Favour were also notified and they came there
to see a whole different Emeka, everyone of them in the theater
cried as if he was already dead.
Three days later Emeka was still in coma, he was feeding through
his nostril, his mother had since regained consciousness and had
been with Emeka all days. Sandra was reported to have amnesia
with total loss of memory as a result of internal injury in her
brain. Mr Chukwuemeka, Chinwe and Chinedu were in the
hospital when Emeka opened his mouth to speak for the first time
since he was admitted to the hospital.

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“Ada, Ada, Ada.” He said with a faint tone.

They ran to call the doctor that he had spoke, the doctor
suggested they bring the person whose name he was calling
which they did. Ada got there and held his hands firmly, he
begged for her forgiveness while she forgave him and also kissed
him, Emeka smiled and then passed away, he died for love.

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Mrs Chidebere had put to birth a baby boy and on the day of the
naming ceremony they named him Chidi as a tribute to their first
child who died.

*****THE END*****


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