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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 61

Sandra raised her eyebrow in ecstasy and cat-walked towards
Emeka who was sitting on a chair opposite a reading table, she
dropped her handout on the table and dragged another chair
close to him. Emeka then sighed and started a conversation.
“What’s up?” He said.
“I’m doing fine. With the pace in which you’re reading, first-class
is just a step ahead of you.” Sandra said.
“You know blocking is out of the option. If you want to pass in
UNN one has to read so I have no choice but to read, read and
read.” Emeka replied.
“Okay oo, Where is your roomie Chinedu?” She enquired.
“Chinedu and Favour also went to read in a classroom inside the
school.” Emeka said.

“And Favour should be..” She was saying.
“Ada’s roomate. My girlfriend.” Emeka cuts in.
“Oh! I see. By the way, what’s with the ‘no shirt thing?” Sandra
“It’s hot in here you know. Can’t you feel the heat?” Emeka
“Hmmm, Not really. Perhaps it’s because i just came.” She
“It should be. I’ll be right back, allow me open the door a little.”
Emeka said and went to adjust the door. He came back and sat
on his chair.
Emeka began to read silently while Sandra brought out her
earpiece and started listening to music and reading at the same
time, he asked if the music does not distract her then she said
that was how she loves reading to her understanding.

Throughout their reading she was just nodding her head to the
tone of the song being player and flipping the pages of the
handout in a rapid succession. Little wonder deception is when a
guy and a lady are alone in a room and claim to be reading.

Twenty five minutes Sandra removed the earpiece from her ears
and pocketed her phone.
“Are you done reading so quickly?” Emeka asked.
“Errrm… Yes I am through. But i want to read something else.”
She blurted.
“What could that be?” Emeka asked without a clue.
“You!” Sandra replied bluntly.
Emeka eyes popped out in bewirlement, he had been through that
kind of temptation before and the last time it happened he could
not resist it. Sandra then place her hand on his bare chest and
started cassersing it. Emeka was daydreaming, should he
reciprocate the gesture or not? He was still thinking when Sandra
leaned closer and planted a passionate kiss on his lips, his J0yst!ck
got the message and responded by raising its ugly head.

Sandra then took his arm and shove it inside her b0s0m. The
b0s0m was fresh and succulent as Emeka rubbed his hands
across the b0s0ms. Sandra then removed her top and unleased
the mighty sisters, before Emeka could say jack, she pushed him
to the wall against the table and they started another round of hot
kisses. Emeka grabbed her b0s0m firmly and was pressing them
like a remote control just then the door was flung opened, It was

Ada could not believe her eyes when she saw the guy who was
planning to marry her making love to another girl, fluid formed in
her eyes as tears rolled down her cheek, she slammed the door
furiously and walked out on them dejectedly. Emeka was agape
as he could barely utter a word, he came back to his senses and
ran after her. Before he got to where Ada was she had already
climbed a bike and zoomed off.

Emeka ran back to the room to put on his clothes, on getting
there Sandra had just finished dressing up, she tried to hold him
back but he pushed her aside while she hit her head on the wall
and collapsed, He dashed out of the room oblivious of what he
had done.

Emeka flagged down a bike which took him to Queens paradise,
he walked towards her room and [email protected] the door endlessly.
“Go away, I don’t want to see you!” Ada shouted from inside.
“Ada please open the door, it’s not what you think. I was under
temptation.” Emeka defended himself. Of course temptation was
a woman’s weapon and a man’s excuse.

“If you don’t want me to kill myself, just leave!!” She yelled crying
“Ok, i’ll leave. But believe me nothing happened.” He said
Emeka was downcasted as he started walking back home, he was
angry with himself for lustfully allowing himself to be tempted by
Sandra which had cost him the love of his life. He wish God
could just take his life since relationship never seemed to work
out for him, on his way home he saw different bikes drive passed
him but he prefered to walk on foot. He was still soliloquising as
he was walking through an empty street. Suddenly a bus which
was coming from his back failed brake, the driver made the ping
sound for him to evacuate the road but he was lost in his thought
to hear the sound. Just then the bus hit him hard from the back
while he somersaulted four times in the air before getting to the
ground, blood gushed out profusely from his mouth, Emeka
passed out.

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