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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 60


There comes a time in a man’s life when he disregard certain
sinister characters and looking forward towards a greater future
is not negotiable but a choice. Emeka who is now twenty-two
years old had been living a positive lifestyle. It’s incredible what
the touch of love could do in one’s life. Emeka stopped chasing
after girls and became more studious than ever before. His grade
was perfect since his first year in the university and his final year
was not going to be an exception. They say behind every great
man is a woman and that’s because Ada stood by Emeka
throughout the darkest of times, she made him realised that there
was hope despite hardship and tough times.
It all started since the day Emeka defended her publicly
eventhough he got beaten-up in the end of the day by those
semi-hoodlums. Their likeness grew and they became friend and
then best of friends. Emeka started going to Queens paradise, the
lodge where Ada and Favour stays. He would go there to gist and
play with them and they occasionally came to Five star lodge to
spend some quality times with Emeka and Chinedu as they would
watch movies together, eat together, and sometimes sleep over.
Chinedu finally found love with Favour and decided to quit his
hit-and-run policy. A player would never really know that true
love exists until he meets the right person. Both Favour and
Chinedu would pass for a love movie titled “the love birds.” as
they explored their love to the extreme.

Emeka on the other hand tried to win Ada’s heart but she always
gave him a tough time. Not like Ada was playing hard-to-get but
she preferred their rapport to the on a friend zone level. Of
course no guy wants to be friendzoned so Emeka pushed further.
He tried all means possible but Ada was not the easy type who
would agree to date a guy just because he’s cute or because he
has money. Ada sure had respect for womanhood and self
dignity. Emeka never gave up on her because he knew her type
was rare and it could take him a lifetime to find another Ada. Just
like the saying goes, you may wake up one day and discover that
you’ve loss the moon while counting stars.

Emeka felt he could
win her heart by doing the things she loves and buying her gifts
according to her favourite colour but they all proved abortive. He
decided to give her some time to ponder over his request as no
girl wants a guy who becomes a pest to her.

Luck came shining in their second year in the university when
Emeka realised that the best way to win her heart was to be
truthful and honest. He made a decision to disclose to her all the
things he had done in the past and irrespective of what her
reaction would be, he deserved it. One day he took her on a
wonderful rendezvous. What was meant to be a time-out became
a night of confession. Emeka told her about all the girls he had
slept with and what prompted him to become a player. However,
he promised her that he has turn a new leaf and if she agreed to
be his girlfriend he would never break her heart.
Emeka then bowed down his head in shame and told her to leave
if she was not going to accept his offer and never come back into
his life. To his greatest suprise Ada held his hands firmly and
gave him the first kiss since they knew each other. She finally
agreed to be his girlfriend and then asked him to promise her
never to return to his formal lifestyle which he did. Ada had never
for once seen a guy so open-minded. So, since that day they
started dating and never did they have intimacy for three years,
reason being that they wanted to get married before engaging
into S#xual intercourse.


Emeka was in his lodge reading for his 400L final exams just
then his phone began to ring.
“Hello! Who am i on to?” He inquired.
“Oh, It is I, Sandra. You seemed to have forgetten about me.” She
“Please, pardon my manners. I was too engrossed with what I
was doing to noticed you were the one calling.” Emeka said.

“Apologies accepted. So, if i may ask, what was that thing you
were doing?” Sandra said bluntly.
“What else if not reading for my final papers.” Emeka blurted.
“Thanks goodness you mentioned reading. Trust is, I’ve been
finding it difficult reading all alone. Mind if i come over to join
you?” She said.
“Errrr…” Emeka was saying.
“Ehn, Don’t even say no. Don’t you know it’s not nice to reject an
offer from a lady.” Sandra said with a tone of finality.

“Ok, You won. You can come over so we could read together.
Atleast, that’s what you said.” Emeka replied and the line went
Sandra then bundled her handout and headed straight to Five
star lodge. On getting there she found Emeka reading with just a
boxer on, his chest was unclothed and his six-pack was all for
display, her eyes pricked.

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