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Loss Of Dignity – Episode 59

Defence can come in any shape and sizes. Every lady needs a
man who can stand up to her and protect her in public, that why
whatever you do, do good to people, ’cause you don’t know
where you’ll need their help in future.
You remember Ada right? She was the girl who paved way for
Emeka to stand in front of her on a queue during the post jamb.
Emeka was enraged as he saw the way the guys were humiliating
Ada and her friend whose name was Favour. He may not be the
most powerful person on earth but he was neither going to stand
there and do nothing.
He gathered courage and walked towards them, on getting there
he enquired what transpired but the guys snubbed him.
“My friend and I, was standing here on this line before we left to
get something to eat. We came back and they don’t want us to
enter.” Ada explained, calmly.
“Please let them in, they can’t claim to be here if they weren’t.”
Emeka said, trying to sound polite. Actually, the main guy
amongst them was an epitome of Goliat, he must be one of those
people who had sat for Jamb six times before they finally got
admission so Emeka had to respect himself.
“You dey form superman abi, who call you for this matter? you
better move before i change am for you!” The guy barked. Emeka
was scared but he won’t settle for less so he pushed further.

“You guys are so heartless, don’t you know they’re girls.” Emeka
“Guy, you better carry your wahala dey go, these girls no dey this
queue again, when dem commot nai we take form new line.” The
second guy said.
“That’s not true! The both of us were standing right here and it’s
still the same line.” Favour said pointing to the spot where they
earlier stood.
“It’s okay, let’s go to my line, you guys can stay in front of me.”
Emeka said and headed the walk back to his queue, but not after
Favour gave the Goliat guy a scornful look.
They walked back to Emeka’s queue but the people there didn’t
allow them to enter, reason being that the clinic cannot attend to
everyone of them that day and it was already getting late. Favour
was abysmally fuming in anger as she wanted back her position
in the formal queue so she angrily went back there amidst
resistance from Ada. She tried pushing herself into the queue but
the goliat guy pushed her aside which sent her falling to the
ground like a big of garri.

Emeka didn’t know what came over him as he pushed back the
guy but he was the one who fell instead. The goliat guy looked at
his chest and then looked back at Emeka, that was when it
dawned on him that he had bought a plot of land.

“E don be for you today, shebi you wan fight me abi?” The guy
said but before Emeka could answer the question he pounded on
him and started baptizing Emeka with his fist. Blows and
punches were released on different parts of his body and the guy
also poured Emeka’s urine on him. Ada and Favour tried to stop
him but they could not overpower his strength.

Everyone looked
at them helplessly without making an attempt to help Emeka. In
the end, Emeka was beaten blue and black and he developed
bruises all over his face and body.

Ada and Favour raised Emeka up and placed his arm on their
shoulders, blood was gushing out from the cuts on his lips. Ada
enquired where he was living and they took him to his lodge after
climbing two bikes.
“Knock! Knock! Knock!”
Chinedu opened the door to behold the three of them, he didn’t
needed to ask any questions before he ushered them in. Emeka
was a bit agile cause he could not walk by himself but the
bruises on his face were still clearly visible.

Emeka then went to
the bathroom to bath while Chinedu was in the sitting-room
talking with Ada and Favour. They narrated everything that
happened and Chinedu thanked them imensely for bringing home
his friend.
Emeka was done bathing then he came back to the sitting room
and la!d on the bed while Chinedu went to the kitchen to boil
water, when the water was hot he poured some in a bowl and Ada
helped Emeka pressed his body where injuries were inflicted,
despite the degree of hotness in the water Emeka didn’t flinched
a bit, he was just staring at Ada throughout the exercise. Ada
reciprocated the gesture by also staring at him straight into the
eyes and they sure had a thing for themselves.

Just then
Emeka’s phone started ringing and it was his mom calling.
“Hello ma.” Emeka said with a faint tone.
“Are you okay, you sound down.” She said.
“I’m fine ma.” Emeka lied.
“Ok, so are you through with your clearance?” She asked.
“Yeah, I just came back home.” Emeka lied again.
“Alright, I just wanted you to know that Bimbo was jailed for 8yrs
for sexually assualting a 12-year old boy.” She said.
“Ehn… That’s pure wickedness!” Emeka exclaimed.
“Just thought i should let you know, take care of yourself.” She
said and the line went dead.

“Who is laughing now?!” Emeka mumbled inaudibly.

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